you only won for satan today jew

Mr Weinstein, funny how you and your loudmouth band of “freedom FROM religion” troublemakers at the MRFF only try to stop our devout and humble Christians clergymen from preaching and witnessing the Truth of our Savior’s Gospel, isn’t it? Doesn’t matter if its at the West Point Academy or AF Academy. And now yet again you strike an ambush at the pentagon? You and your MRFF cohorts in crime only target Christian leaders and preachers who proudly walk with The Christ in The Spirit. And try to expose with gentelness and grace of spirit and Christian love The Word. To our otherwise lost soldiers. It is a simple rescue operation, Mr. weinstein. If you die without knowing Jesus you will be in hell with satan for all eternity. The more soldiers which hear the Gospel of Jesus the less will be in hell a flame in tormant. What can you and your followers not understand about this mercy? Far be it from the MRFF to ever try to stop a jew or moslem or atheist or queer right? Of course you do fully understand it all. We know you do. Your a lost one as being a jew. And give a jew a chance to lend a hand to satan and the jew will follow his lying devil nature. As our Savior already predicted in John chapter eight, verse forty four you Mr. Wienstein will do your father satans bidding. Oh you think you won today at the pentagon? You did. But only for satan your father and the sire of all jews. Our soldiers battle with Satan continues. And all you do is help the evil one. By stopping Christ’s leaders on fallen earth. Their blood is on your hands and the hands of the MRFF. And when your blood is spilt whose hands will it be on then jew?

(name withheld)

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1 Comment

  1. Greg

    Another loving Christian that can’t turn on spellcheck. I always enjoy that they forget Jebus was the King of the Jews.

    Keep fighting the good fight!

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