MIKEY’s OP-ED – Newspaper’s Editorial Bias Reveals Love for Air Force Academy’s ‘Incompetent Malice’

Selected Article Excerpts:

On March 8, 2013, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) aggressively mobilized to very publicly protest only the latest incident in a long, checkered history of heinous unconstitutional insults to the cadets, faculty members, and staff at the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) in Colorado Springs, CO. Our protest attracted a plethora of electronic (TV, radio, and internet) and print media attention, including that of the editorial page of the uber-conservative Colorado Springs Gazette newspaper. The degrading insult in question this particular time was the circulation of a link to a fundamentalist, homophobic Jewish Orthodox website known as “Judaism 101.” The link was contained in a “Notice to Airmen” (NOTAM) of Religious Accommodations circulated by the Academy’s nefarious Chaplain’s Office which is, itself, a serial abuser of the Constitutional guarantee of separation of church and state. The link was used as an accompaniment to explanations on the origins and meaning of the major Jewish holidays. This public protest by MRFF came shortly after our civil rights foundation erected a billboard in Colorado Springs lambasting the Academy’s disgraceful and inappropriate usage of that web link…(continued, click below to read more)

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1 Comment

  1. William


    Firstly, I believe in most everything you stand for and are doing. Before retirement I abhorred the proselytizing nature of the current U.S. military. I watched your recent interview with Huff Post only this morning. However, speaking as a lawyer, one thing I do see that I think detracts from your credibility is the use of “Esq.” as a post-nominal title in some of your editorial bylines. Only in America is the use of Esq. linked exclusively to the legal profession, whereas in the UK it is merely a sign of gentleman entitled to no other title. (While an undergraduate student at Oxford my university mail was formally addressed to me with the “Esq.” appended). However the historic use of “Esq.” was always a title or form of address (such as in correspondence) and never, ever, used reflexively by the person themselves — as you are doing. It would be unheard of in the UK to use it in a signature block. IMHO: You would do far, far, better to use your academic abbreviations after your name signaling that your political endeavor is an academic and intellectual pursuit, rather than trying to assume membership in some sort of elevated caste; for example: “B.A., J.D.”


    W. P. Jones, J.D., M.A.
    MSgt, USAFR, Ret.

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