Our Prayer Circle Dream of Mikey Wienstien in HELL

My husband is a proud USMC sniper. We and our children and all the real marines in our unit are proud Christians. We all walk our life in the Lord’s Word. This means that it is our number one job to bring the lost to the Word and Grace of our Savior. By all the means necessary. If we fail to do so all who do not find Christ will burn in the darkness of hell. Mr. Mikey Wienstien has dedicated his earthly life to satan. To trying to stop marines and soldiers and the American forces from bringing the fallen world to Christ. And most of the world is fallen. Christ is the one and only way. This makes Mikey the number one enemy of the Savior. Mikey on tv. Mikey on the radio. Mikey in the magazines and newspapers and Mikey all over the internet. Mikey won’t stop defying Christ and persecuting his followers in the service. But Mikey’s earthly life will end one day soon we pray. It is then he will pay. It’s then we will sing and smile. Our prayer circle on base is large and effective. Our prayer circle prayer is a dream of a world with no Mikey Wienstein in it. The dream we share is of Mikey in hell on fire and screaming. And screaming and screaming and screaming. As the flames bake him. For all eternity as our Lord has proclaimed. And noone can hear him. Noone can help him. Watch Mikey sceam in our dream. Here Mikey scream in our dream. Forever in hell with his friends the homos, the muslems the communists, the leftists. And the gun haters and the abortion lovers. Christ makes all things new again. Christ answers the prayers of his faithful. and noone is more faithful to Christ than the USMC. Burn, burn Mikey burn. Halleluya

(name withheld)

The following is a response from MRFF Advisory Board Member, former U.S. Marine, & M*A*S*H* television star Mike Farrell

Dear (withheld),
Your message to Mr. Weinstein took me back to the old days. Back when I was a proud Marine I had a friend, another proud Marine, with whom I enjoyed spending time. Some of the other Marines in our barracks had difficulty with the fact that my friend, this man who proudly wore the same uniform as the rest of us and was willing to risk his life to defend his country, was a black man. The color of his skin, in the eyes of these other proud Marines, seemed to somehow make my friend less valuable, less of a human being than they thought they were, and because of our relationship it also affected the way they regarded me.
Many of those Marines, by the way, the ones who deemed themselves superior to my friend, were Christians. And they had some pretty unpleasant labels to lay on my friend because of his color. They were angered by what they saw as his daring to act as though he thought he was as good as they were. They cast some awfully bitter judgments about him and made clear that they knew just where and how he was going to end up because they had the special privileges and special knowledge associated with having white skin. Because of the special status their white skin gave them they believed they could revile him and taunt him and threaten him.
Like you, they felt that “all the real marines” in their unit believed as they did. Like you, they believed “it was their number one job to bring the lost,” like me, I suppose, and my friend, to their true understanding. And like you, they believed that those who did not join them in their belief system should be condemned and fought “by all the means necessary,” so that they would “burn in the darkness of hell.”
So when I read here of your “prayer circle,” I think of a circle of hatred and rage that exhorts violence and calls for evil acts to rain down on those who do not share the level of ignorance and blindness and fear that create a hateful message like yours and have the audacity to send it in the name of a loving God

Mike Farrell


Dear (name withheld),

I have to ask you what are they teaching in church these days? This seems awfully far from the teachings of Christ that I remember growing up in the sixties. Aren’t you the ones driving around with bumper stickers that say “What would Jesus do?” Really, is this e-mail, and prayer circles dreaming of a world with no Mikey Wienstein what Jesus would do? Really? Are you sure that your flock has not been led astray by Satan? This is an example of “walking your life in the Lord’s Word”? Can you cite for me the passages in the New Testament that encourage your behavior? I thought Jesus preached the gospel of love, yet all you can do is spew out hate? And this is how you are raising your children – the most important task that God and Jesus have given you? Teaching them hate and intolerance?

I’m praying that Jesus may be able to save your soul.

(name withheld)
1977 honor graduate of the USAF Academy and fighter pilot
Follower of the law of man

My Dear (withheld),

My name is Rick Baker. I am a former Air Force Officer and rescue pilot, having served two combat tours in Vietnam and I am also an MRFF volunteer.
I have seen a copy of your letter to Mikey and I am horrified by your callous treatment of another human being.
I am writing because of my deep sorrow for you and your “prayer circle.”  I fear it is you and not Mikey Weinstein who will soon be taking a dip in the “Lake of Fire.”
Have you not heard “Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged?  and “Pride precedeth  a fall?” Your  militant method of literally dragging prospects to your Savior is not Jesus’ way. You have taken the mild, caring and humble Jesus and turned him into a fire breathing demon who makes Satan look like a girl scout.
America was founded as a secular nation in which all religions may flourish but none dominate. You are, in fact, a Dominion Christian who believes in absolute Christian supremacy. This is not only unpatriotic it is truly un-Christian.
Mr. Weinstein and MRFF fight every day for religious freedom for all members of the Armed Forces not just Christians but it is those Christians such as yourself who  would deprive others of their constitutional right to choose their own faith.
You and your prayer circle have become the  new  Pharisees, controlling, restricting, accusing and prideful to the extreme.
You must now step back and re-examine your position and your true relationship to Jesus Christ.  There is only room on the holy pedestal for the Trinity . There is no room for you. You must remain with the rest of us subject to the mercies that, unlike you, Jesus metes out to his true followers.
You have become immersed in the falseness of your faith and may have rendered yourself incapable of redemption.  Instead of criticizing Mikey you might ask him for his help in restoring you to human status.
Open your heart, let out the feelings of superiority and let in the humility which we all must possess  irrespective of our beliefs.
We must remember  that despite the intensity of our faith that we are still only human and must  treat others as such.

Rick Baker
USAF (ret)

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  1. Chris

    Sooooooo, no forgiveness or turn the other cheek then? I was not aware that this one group spoke for the entire USMC. The only thing left to say is “Only Sith see things in black and white”

  2. Beth Agami

    My hero son, JEWISH son, lost his life in battle in Iraq. If your way of thinking is an example of how Christians behave and think while serving in the Army, all I can say is Thank GOD my son had the deep belief and traditions of our faith. Your ranting and raving is out of control and a clear example of why people of other faiths and perhaps non-believers cannot accept your method or prosthylitizing. You are demeaning and think your way is the only way.

  3. Natalie Simpson

    God have mercy on America!!!! When a Chrisitan has to withhold his or her name afraid of what persecution will follow as a Chrisitian in the Military. As long as there is war as long as men and women risk their lives to defend our country God and Jesus will be a reality no matter who works against it.

  4. Pinky

    Natalie Simpson said in her April 26, 2013, email to MMRF:

    God have mercy on America!!!! When a Chrisitan has to withhold his or her name afraid of what persecution will follow as a Chrisitian in the Military.

    Classic projectionism. Ms. Simpson do you sincerely believe labeling oneself a Christian in today’s US military would cause even an iota of persecution? In an environment where some commanders are allowed to punish those who do not profess to follow their Dominionist / Fundamentalist Christian views?

    Ms. Simpson, do you really think Christians are a beleaguered few who must endure slings & arrows as stinging as a bullwhip across a bare back? If you do, than please seek help, your view of reality is totally backwards and is causing you undue anguish.

    May all the love and splendor of reality be yours Ms. Simpson.

  5. Gunther

    Unfortunately, many of our Christians are acting like the cold, cruel God in the Old Testament. Many of these Christians also are working to eliminate any words that smacks of compassion, humanism, and progressism in the Bible.

  6. Larry Bitow

    I live in remote North Idaho about 50 miles from the former Aryan Nations Compound in Hayden,Idaho.
    The “mantra” you’ve inculcated is centered in a poisoned-minded and confused heart! This is how “Reverend Bishop” the leader of the Neo-nazis recruited followers. In fact your message is precisely his “moral sermon” which engendered fear and blame. It is also the method of forming gangs of mindless thugs persecuting others because they feel inadequate themselves.
    I’ve met and experienced friendship with some of those men,women and children and they do change and their God is not an impediment to practing brotherly love.
    I hope you find the peace you seek and seem so unable to accept; simply letting down the falsehood of your belief system I’m sure with open your heart and mind.
    Remember..God forbid..the son of God was Jewish.

  7. Pastor Ruth

    The comment from “name withheld” starts out sounding like a legitimate statement, and soon turns into a Weinstein rant. Problem is, no Christian I know would EVER talk that way. In fact, that rant is so ANTO-godly it sounds like something Weinstein himself would write – or one of his minions. I believe that statement no more represents a prayer circle prayer or “dream” than the man on the moon.

    Who are you kidding ‘name withheld’? How typical of the radical left – to blame Christians, then, when they don’t rant and rave on cue, you BECOME a “name withheld” and falsely REPRESENTING a Christian or group of Christians, so the world can turn on them.

    Your rant sounds far too much like Weinstein’s own rant in the Fox News Article:
    “If a member of the military is proselytizing in a manner that violates the law, well then of course they can be prosecuted,” he said. “We would love to see hundreds of prosecutions to stop this outrage of fundamentalist religious persecution…When those people are in uniform and they believe there is no time, place or manner in which they can be restricted from proselytizing, they are creating tyranny, oppression, degradation, humiliation and horrible, horrible pain upon members of the military,” he said…”Non-compliance, the Pentagon suggests, even from ordained chaplains could result in court-martialing on a case-by-case basis.”

    Now THAT STATEMENT ITSELF is horrible, tyranny, and oppression!! To “court-martial Christians because of their faith? Because they want to share the Hope of a Savior with a hurting and dying world?”

    The statement by “name withheld” is an “over-the-top” rant and is NOTHING a true Christian would ever write. It sounds more like Weinstein himself! If my hunch is true, that makes Weinstein like Nero who blamed the burning of Rome on Christians, and had them killed in the arenas, when he himself had set the fire.

    I would not put it past you, Weinstein, to be behind this rant…starting a fire yourself so you can use this as an example for your own persecuting of Christians.

    We pray for you, for truly, you are by your own choice choosing to go to Hell, but it is not what God or anyone else would want.

    “For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son that WHOSOEVER believes (trusts in, clings to) Him WILL NOT PERISH but have EVERLASTING LIFE.” John 3:16

    That is for you, too Miky Weinstein, as it is for EVERYONE and ANYONE who chooses to place their hope and trust in our Savior. May you find Him and true peace, for truly you have no peace in your life.

    GOD BLESS OUR MILITARY! And may GOD bless America!

  8. Daniel

    I’ve had more than one cordial disagreement with MRFF and Mr Weinstein in particular. I feel he’s horribly misguided and lost in many ways. I would never, ever, as a christian or otherwise, wish him to burn in Hell. You do not in any way speak on behalf of christians.

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