AIR FORCE TIMES – Religion Clash Hits DoD

Selected Article Excerpt:

Call it freedom of religion vs. freedom from religion: The Defense Department was engulfed in a firestorm over religious expression last week, caught in the middle of a tit-for-tat fight between Mikey Weinstein, the former Air Force officer and lawyer at the head of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, and retired Army Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin, a senior official with the conservative Family Research Council.

Weinstein met with Air Force officials April 24demanding that the Air Force take stiffer action to stop the intrusion of religion in the work place. The only way to do that, he contends, is to slap offenders with nonjudicial and judicial punishment — including courts-martial.

That was enough to light up the opposition. The Family Research Council launched a petition April 29 imploring Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel to “resist the demands of anti-Christian activists who are calling for a court-martial order upon chaplains and service members who share their faith.”

Within days nearly 130,000 people had signed on.

The showdown brought to a head a long-simmering debate over the limits of religious expression in the ranks. It pitted two former officers who personally symbolize that debate: Weinstein is a well-known and relentless critic of any whiff of what some would consider proselytizing in the military. Boykin, when he was in uniform, gained notoriety in 2003 when he seemed to cast the war on terrorism in religious terms, referring to Allah — Islam’s word for God — as “an idol.”

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  1. Danny Davenport

    The mrff (small letters on purpose) is truly a hate group for everything that Jesus said. I guess these people really do not know what freedom of religion means. The one thing that they do not realize is that they are not free from their religion of anti Jesus. Intolerance is in every word that Weinstein says. If you listen without bias it is very obvious to me. By the way you are not a Christian unless you try to tell others about what Jesus did. If you are ashamed of Him then He will be ashamed of you. I am truly ashamed of the kind of leadership that would undermine our military so badly as to put a hater of christian people over them to try to destroy them.

  2. I TOTALLY AGREE – Danny! You are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! Freedom FROM religion is NO FREEDOM at all! But another form of tyranny, similar to what the Caesars did to the Christians in Rome – making them hated, then hunted, and finally murdering them! This is nothing more than a HATE-ON for ANYTHING Christian, and ANYONE of the Christian faith.

    If Miky Weinstein doesn’t want to believe (place his trust and his life) in Jesus Christ as his Savior he has the right to JUST SAY NO. But to force his beliefs (or Unbelief) on others is not freedom at all – but another form of tyranny and slavery! We are FREE according to the 1st Amendment – to worship and believe as we choose, and to share our faith with whoever will listen. Weinstein’s rants and raves are HIS freedom and right under the Constitution, but he should STOP TRYING TO INFRINGE on everyone else’s!

  3. Larry A. Singleton

    I totally agree with the above. What’s so dispicable is their tactic of hiding behind the American flag the same way Assemblyman Joe Baca did here in CA when he advocated for illegal immigrants to come here and steal millions of American jobs and turn our schools into a train wreck. I can’t improve on what’s said above except to maybe add a suggestion that people read Tim Tzouliadis’ “The Forsaken” to see what happens when people like this Weinstien get their way. We’re seeing it already with the Muslim Brotherhood actually dictating our training program in the military thanks to that traitor Obummer. Unfortunately it didn’t start with him. Bush and that sinister Cheney are equally to blaim. What people like this Weinstein depend on in our increasingly ignorant and unread public who are brain-dead to the “issues”.

    The little qualifier you get when coming to this page that they’e not “athiests” is a blatent lie. These are the scum who are causing the Chaplins in the military so much grief by forcing them to remove crosses and ordering them not to say “Jesus” of all things. Its insane.

  4. Larry A. Singleton

    Oh, one more thing. These MRF pukes should take a gun, put it to their head, and pull the trigger. Let me know where you end up when we meet in the afterlife.

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