FEATURED POST: “approaching judgement” (with response from MRFF volunteer Rick Baker)

One of the things I love about Gods Precious Holy Word (the bible, just in case you were confused) is that the one true God is merciful and gracious. Even in the face of being rejected by one of His own, someone who is of the Hebrew/Jewish nation, He holds back His judgement and wrath. You Mickey, all children of Israel have a history, a heritage of being the “apple of God’s eye”. That through your people, whom you reject and their God (the one true God), have witnessed time and again His grace, His mercy, even the witness of actual miracles to free your captive people……Despite all of those, your people, over the generations who have rejected Him and His existence, God has even today shined His light of grace upon them. The greatest gift he intended for all men came in the virgin birth to a young Jewish girl, a Son. God Himself, Jesus coming into the world for one purpose…..Take onto Himself the sin of the world allowing Himself to be the innocent perfect sacrifice. For who? For all, if only they would believe. Believe what? Believe that Jesus is who He said He is…..that He died and rose again after 3 days. The Bible says, Mickey that despite all of your rejection of your heritage, your rejection of God, your attempts to stear people away from Him, He will forgive all those things and all other sin of your life. His Word says that you will become a new creature, my brother in Christ, saved to live eternally, once this life has passed, in heaven.
Mickey, I don’t know where this will be posted if at all. I read a good bit of the “hate” mail you and your organization received. For those professing Christ, well I am sorry. I’ve always thought it impossible to reach someone when you approach them from the position of judgement. Please, Mickey receive in the spirit intended….. out of love and concern for you and those you work with. I cannot convert anyone to become one with Christ. The bible is clear that God calls people unto Himself. Through me, and this e-mail….perhaps God is calling you Mickey. Although He calls eveyone, not wanting to lose a single life, many reject Him. I pray and hope you won’t! In the end, if you do find and accept Gods grace (free gift, of which you cannot earn), I hope you will exert as much effort to promote Him as you have to promote rejecting Him.
My reality is that when my time on this ole earth is done, Christ Himself will await me in heaven, with open arms, embracing me as a son. He will welcome me home with the affirmation “well done, my good and faithful servant”! When your time comes, Mickey (and it does for all of us) I hope that you too will receive His embrace and welcome. Despite all of the hate mail you get, I want you to know that though we’ve never met, I love you. I love you enough that I said yes, as the Lord compelled me to send this e-mail to you. Please Mickey, don’t let pride dictate your actions. In accepting Him, you’ll need to humble yourself, seeing yourself for what you are…. Lost and serated from the very One created you. Don’t test Him, Mickey! Your ancestors tested Him. You can read all about it in the Old Testiment. Call me if you want….. nothing pushes my “joy” button more than taling about Jesus.

In the Love of Christ!

(name withheld)

Hi (name withheld),

Mikey is up to his chin addressing some of the over 39,000 client case complaints MRFF has received from our young men and women in the armed forces who have found themselves in the grasp of superiors who have used command centered and coercive Christian proselytizing.

My name is Rick Baker, an MRFF Volunteer, former Air Force officer and rescue pilot having served two combat tours in Vietnam. I hope you don’t mind me sitting in for him.

I admire your faith but it seems to have become all-encompassing and you view both earthly and Heavenly activity as being on the same level.

You are totally committed and leave little room for opposing thought. God may be merciful and gracious but I fear many of his followers are not.

It must be remembered that Mikey and MRFF are sworn to protect the religious freedom of all armed forces members numbering in the millions and with a wide array of religions beliefs and faiths. We cannot take on the role of proselytizing any single religion whether we believe in it or not. We cannot protect religious freedom by establishing one of our own.

An emerging sect of militant and aggressive Christians, known as “Dominion Christians” has infiltrated the military and are currently engaged in illegal and unconstitutional efforts to convert non-Christians and elevate existing Christians to a higher level of obedience to Christian leaders. It is this group against whom Mikey speaks and not the good Christians we have come to know.

We appreciate your good will and hope to have you as a supporter.

Rick Baker
MRFF Volunteer
USAF (Ret)

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  1. Mikey


    Please stop making we atheists look bad.

    We, as a group don’t really care about the faith of another person. Some of us even enjoy the debates we have.

    I can’t undestand your sick obsession with the poor christians of this land! It’s a little creepy dude!

    To all you christians who read this. Mikey does NOT speak for us as a group. He speaks for himself. I wonder if he is simply motivated by…. Greed.

  2. mark novak

    good grief, name withheld used the word god/christ… 19 times in his blog! These people have to be stopped, from boring us to death. This is how you get your command centered and coercive Christian proselytizing. They don’t even realize they are doing something wrong. That people find it offensive, and classic passive/aggressive behavior.

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