> As a CHRISTIAN and an AMERICAN it is my freedom to express and tell others about Jesus as I see fit. The same goes for our military!!! YOU HAVE NO RIGHT to tell our Military chaplains how they can witness or help others !! You are in contempt MIKEY Weinstein of taking those soldiers FREEDOM of speech away! YOU have no right on any ground to stand and say that this is treason!!! How much would I have to hate you not to tell you about Jesus? It is the right of EACH individual to choose how HE or SHE believes!!! Period!! THERE IS NO WHERE IN THE CONSTITUTION THAT SAYS SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE!!! NO WHERE!! However it does say it in the old USSR constitution!! So I am not sure why it is fair for you to be slamming your views upon others as a bully to the Christians who are telling others about Jesus, when asked might I say. You are doing exactly what you say us Christians are supposedly doing….Forcing a belief on others who don’t want to hear it…..You are doing exactly what the phrases did to Jesus, prosecuting HIM… As our men and women serve bravely it is their right to decide what to hear and what not to hear. besides if you don’t want to hear it just say no and move on the the next conversation. No one is forcing our men and women in the military to become Christians!! What are you so afraid of? Why is it such a big deal if some of our men and women in the military feel comfort from Christians? No one forced you to believe they way you do, did they? I stand up for our men and women in the military who want to hear, and yes for those who are telling others about Jesus too…Those soldiers are not enemy’s of the constitution at all!! They will defend it as AMERICANS, CHRISTIANS…… I am singling Christians out because you have declared war on us who have served and are serving in the military…They fight for your freedom and mine if they want to believe in Jesus and share that with others, they have that right!!! THEY HAVE THE SAME CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS AS CIVILIANS!!!! You sir are a TRAITOR to this country, I don’t care if you did served or not!! IT WAS DISHONORED the minute you led this charge on the men and women who serve this country and serve God, those same folk who defend you and your right to speak free…

(name withheld)

Dear (name withheld),

Thank you for your letter to MRFF.

You would be incorrect about being able to proselytize your faith without restriction. The separation of Church and State is very real and has been made a part of the first amendment in a number of US Supreme Court decisions. You simply have to Google “Supreme Court Decisions on the separation of church and state.” There you will find many rulings which have been addended to the Constitution as case law. These decisions deal with government, public education, the armed forces, etc.

In the Supreme Court Decision, Lemon Vs.Kurzman 1971, the court held that government (all branches) including public education and the military may not favor, promote, advance or proselytize one religion over another or religion over non-religion.

Secondly, the UCMJ is clear about unwelcome proselytizing of any faith. Evangelizing in the armed forces is restricted to bona fide religious services held by military chaplains in military chapels on military reservations and those freely attending.

It’s time for you to take a second look at what your faith has made you become. You are clearly a Christian Dominionist believing that you have special rights to pursue and proselytize your faith.

MRFF is committed to ensuring that each member of the armed forces receives the freedom of religion guaranteed by the US Constitution. Christianity is but one faith in the military. There are many more and each deserves the right to practice their belief within the parameters established by the constitution.

The Supreme Court has also held that the United States was founded as a secular nation in which all religions may flourish but none dominate irrespective of its majority.

MRFF wants only to protect all who wish to practice their faith including those of minority religions.

Thanks again for your concern.

Rick Baker
MRFF Volunteer
USAF (Ret)

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1 Comment

  1. watchtower

    I think they just said they have a constitutional right to proselytize but no one has a constitutional right to say stop, or insist they comply with the law, and/or constitution…did i miss something?

    I’m amazed how folks say the is no separation of church and state, but it has been this way for, well, since at least 1971!

    Selective reading, understanding and compliance…we are doomed.

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