HUNTSVILLE TIMES – Is it treason for soldiers to share their faith? Uh, no.

Selected Article Excerpts:

Today, at about the same time that U.S. Army Chaplain Scott Carson’s keynote address demonstrated to everyone at Huntsville’s annual prayer breakfast how inspiring, true to his faith, but also inclusive an Army chaplain can be, Christian extremists were claiming that the Pentagon is working on court martial procedures for Christian soldiers who share their faith.

Nonsense, people!

If you lend credence to that rumor for one second, then you are falling prey to the sort of paranoia that isolated groups develop about those outside their jargon-cordoned fraternity.

Let’s be clear: The U.S. military continues to be an institution where religious rights (including the right to non-belief) are very carefully preserved and nurtured. As on so many issues, the military provides us civilians with one of the best examples on Earth of how to weave a united force from disparate individuals. The U.S. military remains a model of how diversity can become united in mission while guaranteeing protection of every individual’s conscience.

For alarmists to libel the Pentagon’s evolving and nuanced articulation of that exemplary negotiation is, well, just darn un-American.

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  1. theodored patrick
  2. theodored patrick

    this article is propaganda pure and simple

  3. theodored patrick


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