please pass on to Mikey

Mikey, I am one of those conservative Christians that you would like to purge from the planet. There are millions of us out there and we outnumber you. I don’t know why you are so anti-Christian? The freedom you enjoy in this country to spew your venom came at a high cost to our forefathers (many of them being Christians) who stood up for what they believed.

I pray going forward that you lower the volume of your anger and negative attitude towards those who don’t believe what you believe.

(name withheld)

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  1. Conservative American

    for someone who has had the privelege of a free education at tax payer expense you are pretty much an idiot. Freedom of religion is as simple as listening.if you like what you hear keep listening if you don’t turn it off. Your priorities are un American and it most likely is a result of being the kid that got picked on in high school and that the girls made fun of. Find another way to get noticed. the jackass that took pictures of himself in the senate gym is he your cousin. must be a deficient gene pool

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