Tell weinstein to take his Christian censorship and put it where the sun doesn’t shine.

Dear (name withheld),

Your accusation of censorship reveals an incredibly shallow, possibly nonexistent, understanding of the meaning of the word or its relevance in regards to our rights guaranteed by the 1st amendment. If you have ever voted, I’m sure your aware that campaigning within close proximity of polling places is prohibited. Time, place, and manner restrictions on our 1st amendment rights exist for a reason. These restriction are very often due to competing claims of individual rights.

As a Christian (Episcopalian in fact) supporter of MRFF, I truly enjoy efforts to proselytize the Christian faith to everyone here at MRFF. In this private non-governmental setting it is both appropriate and appreciated. I have the freedom (as do you) to demonstrably agree with a proselytized message, disagree or totally ignore with no chance of repercussions. If on the other hand the proselytized message was being delivered to me in a government controlled situation where your official capacity was superior and mine subordinate, your message becomes immediately oppressive due to the loss of my freedoms as listed above.

Let me use the words of another in further explanation:
No one will be prosecuted simply for sharing one’s faith in the military. Sharing your faith – in a non-official context – is fine. What’s wrong is when it is in a mandatory, official, or any other context in which the power dynamic between the individuals is out of balance (e.g., a commander recommending church attendance to subordinates).

Finally, you should also be aware that MRFF fully supports the military chaplaincy role in its passive (i.e. without proselytization) ministrations to the religious needs of all U.S. Service Members.

Peace be with you,
Andy Kasehagen

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  1. Gme

    Mikey Weinstein is packing his spiritual suitcase to stay forever in Satans brimstone bed. His mouth spits out Satan’s delight to call Christians bad and Satan oh so good. Remember what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah whose folks swallowed evil. Out of love Christians has a message to share that Satan’s bed with it’s Demon’s is no place to intrude. Not telling folks this we would stand guilty as charged.

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