Potential retaliation issues with the MRFF CFC

Dear MRFF,

I’m really happy you’ll be on CFC and will give to you through CFC without reservation, but as we get near campaign season, get ready for the corruption of the human element — it’s regular servicemembers who are serving as CFC reps and collecting the contribution forms, so I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some “outing” of MRFF supporters giving through CFC.  If that happens, consider a push for the military to allow website-based CFC signups, or some other mechanism that safeguards folks from retaliation.  I’ve had really conservative chaplain assistants take my forms, and it gives me pause.

As an active duty Air Force chaplain, I’m thankful for your work.  I just pray I can make it to twenty years without the dominionists stepping on me, and pray that enough open-minded, constitutionally aware chaplains make it to higher ranks to reform the system from within.

(Chaplain and USAF Captain’s name withheld)

“30187”. That’s the number I’m worried that somebody is gonna memorize when I hand in my CFC form, because for all the technical glory of the military, come CFC time it’s still ordinary military people collecting the paper forms I’ll have my MRFF donation on. As a Christian military chaplain who supports you, I get sick of senior chaplains badmouthing you and MRFF by name, and some years when I handed that form in, it was to really conservative NCOs that didn’t know where to draw the religious line. I’m worried about people crossing the line, of whispering to my bosses to quietly retaliate, that I’m not a “team player” because I support MRFF and believe in the entire Constitution, not just bits of it.

So come CFC season, be on the lookout for the ultraconservative media moguls who spread that number around – it will be a message for the folks who don’t know where to draw the line. I was taught to love my enemies, and I’ve had a lot of people try to kill me that are hard to love. Yet all that seems to go out the window when it comes to you guys, with people trying to hate you in the name of Jesus, but I’m giving to you, and I think it’s doing God’s work. Thank you.

(Active Duty USAF Christian Chaplain’s name, rank, USAF unit and assigned military installation all withheld)

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