THE PATRIOT POST – Drone Strikes; Persecuting Christians; Christmas

Another article showcasing the lunacy of the Christian fundamentalist Dominionist opponents of MRFF

“Recent revelations indicate the Pentagon is working with notoriously anti-Christian atheist activist Mikey Weinstein, founder of the misleadingly named Military Religious Freedom Foundation, to craft a policy that could subject Christians caught talking about their faith to punishment, including court martial.

Weinstein is a far-left fanatic who publicly states that Christian evangelizing is tantamount to treason. According to him, Christians should be punished by the hundreds if need be. Weinstein apparently has easy access to the Pentagon.”

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1 Comment

  1. watchtower

    For a website with “Patriot & Liberty” in their name, they did not seem very patriotic to me. They denigrate the President and service men and women who do not believe what they do. It is a crying shame we have such horrible people in this world who cannot accept that America is a free country and everyone has freedom of religion and from religion no matter what these people believe. I can only hope Mikey and MRFF continue to challenge the dominonists with all the zeal he has.

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