FREETHOUGHT BLOGS – The ‘Christian Fighter Pilot’ Plays ‘Taboo’ with Homophobic Soldier Story

Selected Article Excerpts:

  • Poor Maj. Jonathan C. Dowty — all this big gay news coming out (pun intended) and he can’t put his homophobic spin on it. I almost feel sorry for the little “Christian Fighter Pilot.” OK, no I don’t. I’m enjoying every minute of it!
  • Those who have been following the recent events regarding Maj. Dowty’s ‘now you see it, now you don’t‘ blog already know about this fine Christian Air Force officer  not being allowed to post about the gays anymore. And, as I previously wrote, he has also had to remove all of his many previous anti-gay rants.
  • Apparently, however, Maj. Dowty just can’t resist the story of Army MSgt Nathan Sommers, the homophobic Army band member who’s been crying Christian persecution and claiming that the gays and liberals are out to get him. But the “Christian Fighter Pilot” has to write about the story without mentioning the “homosexuals,” resulting in something comparable to a game of “Taboo.”
  • In a post today titled “Soldier Threatened over Chick-FIL-A,” Maj. Dowty could only say things like MSgt Sommers “has apparently been targeted for his words or actions associated with ‘his conservative political and religious beliefs.’” He had to leave out all the juicy stuff about the persecution of  the homophobic MSgt Sommers being because of the “homosexuals.” But, like in the game of “Taboo,” Maj. Dowty can use the name “Chick-FIL-A,” which is not a taboo word, to make his fellow players know that this is about the “homosexuals.”

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