GOD DISCUSSION – Study reveals that there are atheists in foxholes

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  1. Fred Eaglesmith

    Thank you for all that you do. Because of your dedication to the destruction of our military greatness and your outright ignorance to the fact that the Constitution is a “Christian” document, a religious revival will undoubtedly come sooner than I was previously expecting.

    You are helping to wake up a sleeping giant. Good job!

  2. V.J. Bertoluzzi

    Give it a rest man…, for those of you who have ever been in a life threatening event where you were convinced that all hope was lost please think for a moment and ask honestly ask yourselves if at that point, did you utter the words god or Jesus Christ? whether it was a request for divine intervention to save ones ass or merely an excited expletive does it really matter? surely a true atheist would never, even under the most dire of life threatening situations have those words enter they’re conscious mind much less vocalize them unless it’s because that person is not absolutely convinced that there is no god.
    Atheism is the religious practice of unbelieving, all thesis’s whether it be the theory of relativity, evolution, flat earth, big foot, or the divine! So if this simple realization is true, is there really such a person as a true atheist?
    Personally I’ve been in combat numerous times, had a parachute malfunction twice, and was in a helicopter crash. to be totally honest, while I never prayed as I recall I do remember invoking the names of the deities of my Christian upbringing mixed in with a lot of other expletives of the most salty nature.

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