July 10, 2013

Mr. Bill Donohue
The Catholic League for Religious Freedom
450 Seventh Avenue
New York, NY 10123

Dear Mr. Donohue,

We are CATHOLIC, and Mikey Weinstein, president of Military Religious Freedom Foundation, was the ONLY individual who listened to our pleas for help in July 2010.  Without his intervention and guidance, our family unit would have never survived the nightmare that had unfolded before us.

Our daughter was “spiritually raped” by an Evangelical Christian group while attending the United States Air Force Academy.  Her personal and professional life was being dictated by the leaders of this group.  Both the superintendent and head chaplain vehemently denied any proselytizing taking place and allowed this outside “religious” group to operate on campus. With the help of MRFF, they were no longer permitted to continue their proselytizing efforts on campus.

Mr Donohue, if you could feel the pain our family suffered as a result of Evangelicals victimizing Catholics, you would think twice about supporting the military religious freedom amendment.  To this day, our family continues to slowly find the daughter and sister we once knew.  Religion is a very personal decision and should never be intertwined with the military as history has proven.

Mr. Weinstein is not smearing Evangelicals, or fabricating a “crisis” in the military.  He is also not  seeking to divide people on the basis of religion, and threatening the religious freedom of men and women in the armed forces or military academies.  He is, however, fighting to protect military personnel from the “evils” of proselytizing which we have come to know first hand.  I feel his foundation’s five time nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize contradicts your theory of  dividing people and threatening religious freedom.

In closing, we contacted the Dioceses of Denver in September 2010 for assistance in this matter.  It was out of their jurisdiction and it was recommended we seek help through neighboring Colorado Springs.  I find it peculiar they did not direct us to the Catholic League as a valuable resource in our time of need.

(Jean Baas, MRFF client)

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