Your e-mail to Mikey Weinstein

Mr. Weinstein,

I understand that you think evangelical Christians are anti-Semites. Have you considered the fact that it is NOT Christians who are launching bombs at Israel? Who is it that wants to eradicate the Israelis? I think we all know who it is. Or do you even care?

(name withheld)

Dear (name withheld),

I’m not sure if you’re a Christian or not (although I suspect you are); however, you have conveniently left out the nearly two thousand years of Christian Anti-Semitism that has plagued our planet. From the days of Constantine the Christian Church taught it’s subjects to hate Jews. The Christian Church and radical, Fundamentalist Christians (both Catholic and Protestant) have been marginalizing, tormenting, torturing and murdering Jews ever since the First Council of Nicea in 325. Throughout Europe we had generation after generation of forced conversions, the forcing of Jews into ghettos, restricting their movements, their rights to citizenship and employment in numerous trades. They were frequently expelled from their homes, hunted down and massacred. Their homes, synagogues and holy books were burnt. (Have you ever read the writings of Martin Luther, the original “Protestant?” He actually ordered the burning of Jewish homes, synagogues and holy books!) During the Crusades the good Christians of Europe engaged in genocide of both Jews and Muslims. The Jews faced wholesale torture and murder at the hands of the Christian Inquisition. Jewish children were frequently stolen and raised as Christians at the direction of the Christian Church. Jews faced pogrom after pogrom after pogrom in Eastern Europe at the hands of the Christians – once again their towns, businesses and homes were burnt and those who survived were driven out into the cold to die of starvation and exposure – and these pogroms continued EVEN AFTER THE HOLOCAUST! And then, after learning to hate Jews from the Christian Church, Hitler and his maniacs engaged in the greatest genocide of Jews the world has ever seen – more than 6 million were rounded up and killed, while the Christian Church for the most part looked on either approvingly, or in silence. Oh yes, there have been countless exceptions over the years. And today many, many Christians of good will not only treat Jews with respect and dignity, but in some cases even reach out to help the Jewish people living in Israel. However, even among those who seem on the surface to treat Jews with respect, countless radical, Fundamentalist Christians today feign support of the Jews while actively working to convert our Jewish sons and daughters to Christianity; yes, the methods may have changed, but the evil attitudes and malicious motivations remain the same. And what about the U.S. Military and Department of Veterans Affairs today – what in the world is Mikey talking about, after all? I’ll tell you what: Jewish service members are routinely harassed, called “Christ killer,” “Kikes” and other even more foul names, they are coerced by their superior officers to attend Christian services and prayers in direct violation of their rights. They are routinely denied access to their own, Jewish religious services and some are even harassed and threatened, and some even meet with extreme violence just for requesting to attend Jewish religious services. As a Jewish disabled veteran I was routinely harassed by Fundamentalist Christians and when I dared to lodge a formal complaint, I had all of my medical care cut off, and this during a medical crisis! Only through the assistance of Mikey was this situation remedied. I don’t know – maybe, Mr. Wilson, you’re a Fundamentalist Christian too and think this is acceptable behavior, that Christians have the right to impose and inflict their religious beliefs on others. However, I do not, neither does Mikey, and, by the way, neither does both military regulations and the U.S. Constitution – a document all U.S. Service Members take an oath to uphold and defend!

Mr. Wilson, not only did you imply that the illegal and immoral acts of radical, Fundamentalist Christians are nothing to be concerned with, but you point the finger at radical Islamic terrorists. Have you ever stopped to consider where these radical Jihadists learned to hate Jews? The very pamphlets they distribute were authored many years ago by Christians! They actually learned their hatred of Jews from radical Christians. And finally, as an Orthodox Jew, let me explain something to you so clearly that the only way you won’t understand it is if you are either woefully ignorant, or woefully immoral (or both) – there is not one of my Orthodox Jewish brothers and sisters who would rather see their child murdered by a terrorist (G-d forbid!) than see him or her converted to Christianity (G-d forbid!). The desire to destroy another’s body is a terrible thing, the desire to steal and destroy another’s soul is far worse. G-d forbid either should happen!

So let’s get real. In America we have a body of laws and a Constitution that is central to it. What is being done by radical, Fundamentalist and Dominionist Christians within the U.S. Military and the Department of Veterans Affairs to impose and inflict it’s bigoted religion on everyone else is flat out illegal, unconstitutional, in direct violation of military regulations and patently immoral. If you want to deflect attention from this by pointing to the radical Islamic terrorists it only demonstrates the paucity of your own intellect and morality. I actually pity you. But lest you think it is only the radical Islamic terrorists that want to murder Jews, why not examine the facts and you will find the history of your own faith flowing with the blood of the Jews your co-religionists have shed for nearly two thousand years. In Jesus’ words, let he without sin cast the first stone.


Akiva David Miller
Director of Veterans Affairs
Military Religious Freedom Foundation

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  1. Mikey,

    I wonder if you ought to consider not responding to these slime anymore.

    Why get involved?

    It’s like trying to talk sense to a NAZI.


  2. Marines Against Mickey

    Mickey is a Moron

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