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I came across a controversy involving your organization and some Christian chaplain and decided to look up your website. The first thing that popped up when I got there was a motto of your organization, a quote by Mikey Weinstein. It was a rather curious statement. Which reminded me of an old Jewish joke (myself being Jewish): a certain Jew is asked as to why he does not believe that there is God. He answers that God could not possibly exist as he knows no one who is smarter the he. Mikey Weistein seems to belong to the same type of people who seem to be sure they have no fault and also know all there is to know. Mr. Weistein seems to detest religions, but he would be well advised to read Torah, and Christian Bible for that matter, there is a lot praise there of the virtue of humility, the character trait that Mr. Weinstein sorely lacks.


(name withheld)

Dear Sir,

My name is Akiva Miller, I am an orthodox Jew, a disabled American veteran, and I volunteer my time as the Director of Veterans Affairs for the Military Religious Freedom Foundation.

I am always happy to hear from my fellow Jews when they write to us; however, I have to confess that I’m not all that accustomed to receiving so many e-mails that demonstrate both an impoverished intellect and a complete lack of genuine Jewish values.

Ironically, the intent of your ridiculous little joke was obviously to goad Mr. Weinstein for what you believe to be his arrogance, when in fact it is you, with your inane e-mail, that had demonstrated an overweening arrogance. If you had actually bothered to study the Torah, Mishnah or Gemara, and if you possessed even a remote idea about Jewish ethics you would poked around our website a bit more, asked a few questions and maybe educated yourself before forming an opinion; and upon further inspection you would have discovered that the work that Mikey Weinstein and the Military Religious Freedom Foundation is doing is in keeping with the highest standards of Jewish morality specifically, and yiddishkeit generally.

There is no greater mitzvah than that of rescuing those who are illicitly imprisoned. The great Baal Shem Tov spent years traveling the countryside, raising money from impoverished Jewish communities to fund the release of wrongly jailed Jews. Mikey has invested his life savings, his time and his passion, and put himself at considerable physical risk (due to nearly constant death threats) to rescue those who are imprisoned in a system that not only permits, but encourages superior officers to use their positions of power to impose and inflict their religious beliefs on all within their command.

In the U.S. Military Jews like you and I are coerced to attend Christian religious services, prayer meetings and bible studies, while being denied access to Jewish services. They are being threatened with violence just for having the temerity to request permission to attend High Holy Day services. But Mikey doesn’t just represent Jews: in excess of 95% of our clients are Christians who face oppression at the hands of Fundamentalist Christians who consider them “not Christian enough.” The Foundation represents service members and veterans of all faiths, and no faith at all, who face discrimination and religious coercion at the hands of Fundamentalist Christians. But of course this doesn’t concern you. What’s important to you is that you send us an inane e-mail, claiming that Mikey is arrogant. If you had a conscience, if you were a real Jew, if you had a Jewish soul and were not just one more soulless hater you’d be pitching in and helping.

You suggest that Mikey should read the Torah; when was the last time you opened yours. Or do you even own one? Here’s a suggestion from the Christian bible that you so highly recommend: pull the log out of your own eye before you try to remove the splinter from someone else’s eye. And here’s one from Rabbi Hillel, “Do nothing to someone you would find abhorrent done to you.” Fundamentalist Christians would be screaming bloody murder if they were forced to attend Muslim or Jewish or Hindu or Buddhist religious services, they would mob the White House if their brothers and sisters in the military were forced to attend such services under threat of being sent to the front lines; however, they have no problem doing that very thing to others…and you would support them! If I didn’t find you such a revolting human being, I would pity you. Thankfully I work for a real mensch: Mikey Weinstein. Unlike you, Mikey genuinely cares about what happens to other human beings, regardless of whether they share his religious convictions or not.

In conclusion I wish to thank you for your e-mail. I am always entertained when a fool writes in and makes a complete ass of himself.


Akiva David Miller
Director of Veterans Affairs
Military Religious Freedom Foundation

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  1. Jesse Watson

    “the work that Mikey Weinstein and the Military Religious Freedom Foundation is doing is in keeping with the highest standards of Jewish morality specifically, and yiddishkeit generally.” would this or would this not be you forcing your beliefs on others.”…. enough said.

  2. Jesse Watson

    “the work that Mikey Weinstein and the Military Religious Freedom Foundation is doing is in keeping with the highest standards of Jewish morality specifically, and yiddishkeit generally.” Would this or would this not be trying to force your beliefs on others?…. enough said

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