URBAN TULSA WEEKLY – American Crusaders: How religious zealotry threatens security

Selected Article Excerpts: 

When it comes to America’s armed forces, there is much to worry about these days: multiple tours of duty, traumatic physical and psychological wounds swamping Veterans Administration medical facilities, lousy pay, a possible strike against Syria, al-Qaeda wannabes lurking in far too many shadows, bent on carnage.

But there’s an internal threat to America’s military that Mikey Weinstein thinks you should be aware of: Christian zealots who abhor religious pluralism.

As far as they are concerned, he said, “There is ‘no time, no place, no manner in which we can be constrained from pushing our weaponized gospel of Jesus Christ on anyone. We have free reign to proselytize anywhere.'”

As Weinstein, an Air Force Academy honors graduate and former Air Force judge advocate general, notes, America’s armed forces aren’t like Starbucks where shift managers’ power over their staff is limited. In the military, he said, superiors have “tremendous power” — career-ending or career-promoting power — over subordinates.

And what Weinstein’s nearly decade-old organization, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, has found is that religious zealots, known as Dominionists, all-too-often browbeat uniformed personnel into committing to a theology ripe with virulent homophobia, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism and misogyny.

“It’s a tortured, poisoned view of patriotism,” said Weinstein. “It’s a metastasizing threat to this country.”

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  1. Gary

    Mr. Weinstein,

    With due respect, what you don’t understand about Christianity could fill books. Has it ever occurred to you that millions of people, evangelical Christians that you seem to detest so much, might possibly be right … that you might be talking about something that you just don’t understand?

  2. Joan


    What you don’t understand about Mikey and the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) could probably fill a book.

    You came to this website to find an email address to express your opinion, but failed to do any due diligence by researching it first. You relied on the media or a religious affiliation to get your information from which is full of lies, distortions, and omissions.

    Let me do your homework for you.

    Mikey is the face, founder and President of MRFF, but 75% of the Board, Advisory Board, volunteers and supporters are Christians. We outnumber Mikey.

    Mikey does not act on his own but on the vetted complaints of our soldiers as to the trampling of the Constitution and Military Code.

    96% of the 34,000+ soldier complaints with MRFF are from mainline Christians.

    Mikey and those of us with MRFF do get hate mail and death threats from CHRISTIANS!

    We aren’t anti-Christian but fight an extreme form of Christianity, better known as the Fundamental/Evangelical/Dominionist Christians, within the military. They have hijacked our military and espouse the belief that every soldier should be a “Warrior for Christ”; every war is a “Crusade”; and, that every soldier is a “government paid missionary.” They believe that the only true Christian is one that is “born again.”

    You see, not every Evangelical is a Fundamental Dominionist, but every Fundamental Dominionist is an Evangelical.

    Btw – there is no such thing as 4 Spiritual Laws in the Bible. They are individual statements pulled together from different books of the Bible and called “Laws” by Bill Bright in 1952. Biblical laws are also called commandments and there is no foundation to call them commandments…hence “Laws.” It’s the greatest marketing tool ever created to recruit new parishioners and demean other Christians. It also gives these “born again” Christians a feeling of superiority, arrogance, and a get out of hell free pass. Christians that really know the Bible, aren’t duped by this.

    US Army chaplain MAJ James Linzey, who, in a 1999 video, described mainstream Protestant churches as “demonic, dastardly creatures from the pit of hell “that should be “stomped out.”

    This means that any Catholic, Episcopalian, Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran, etc. is destined to hell, which is pure wishful thinking, and again, a marketing tool on the same level as a snake oil salesman.

    As far as Mikey not knowing Christianity, you are clueless. He can quote the Bible better than anybody I know.

    You have painted Mikey and MRFF – including we Christians – will a full brush of ignorance.

    I suggest you click on About, then click on Foundation Voices, and see for yourself a list of very distinguished people that are involved in MRFF. It will surprise you.

    Pastor Joan – Evangelical

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