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In regards to your organizations views about religion in the military, I regard your views in the same light as the Westboro Baptist Church. Bigoted, narrow minded, and self-serving. Hopefully soon, the nation will fully awaken from the nightmare brought on by “Political Correctness”, and put PC where it deserves to be, under a rock with a copy of the Federalist Papers and the Constitution for you to read.

(name withheld)

Dear (name withheld),

Thank you for your service. Mr. Weinstein is busy protecting the religious freedom of the men and women in our military and has asked me to respond to your message.

Since you’ve mentioned serving the Constitution, you’re probably aware of the separation of church and state doctrine that has grown and been refined from the understanding that the founders wanted to be sure that no single religion or belief system was to be propagated by our government. That being the case, it seems odd that you would deride as “Political Correctness” our effort to ensure the religious freedom, which includes both freedom of and freedom from religion, of the men and women in our military.

In my experience, tossing about “PC” as a pejorative term in order to minimize the value of a new or more clear understanding is often the resort of a small mind more comfortable with the old ways, like women knowing their place and people of color who who refuse to kowtow being labeled “uppity.”

As a military man, one would assume the protection of the fundamental freedoms of the troops you lead, such as the freedom of thought and the freedom of religious choice, would be paramount in your thinking. Apparently not. Well, hopefully soon our nation will fully awaken from the nightmare brought on by narrow-mindedness and put it where it deserves to be.


Mike Farrell

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  1. Doug James-Denver

    Must remember Mikey Whining Weinstein is always busy defending some ones religious freedoms rights, so he has his stiff necked cronies answering always. Good ole’ Mike Farrell the St. Paul born boy removed to Hollywood for the panzy life. Joined the Marines after High School, and barely made his recruitment obligation. Then he becomes a political activist for the good of all man, and animal kind. If the viewers that read these threads take time to look close at these ass clowns that are with MRFF most of them who have been in the Military have never retired, and/or were drummed out for their insubordinate attitudes & actions. Can’t wait for the rhetoric spinning rebuttal response on this. Got to love these sapheads.

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