Christmas (with a response from Blake Page)


You people need to shut up you dont like our nativity scenes our christmad lights tough shit.i personally would love to knock your teeth down your throats.stay out of our lives our religion’s. You are starting a war in which you people will get hurt badly.hope you choke and die you ignorant bastards.and those 18 military asswipes that complained better drop out .they will get theirs when we find out their names.go to hell bastards

(name withheld)

Merry Christmas to you too (name withheld)! And a happy new year!

Every year when the days get shorter and the mercury drops the thing I look forward to most is the beaming unconditional love that the good Christian people of this country exemplify. I’m sure they had you in mind while coming up with the old saying about “good Will towards men”, eh? Jesus would be so proud.

Or would he? Actually I’m sure he’d be reaching for his biggest smiting stick and polishing it up for a specimen like you. I see judgment, wrath, a touch of envy even. You’re really cranking out those deadly sins fast. But hey, it’s your religion that teaches damnation for behavior like yours, and you’ve asked me to stay out of it. Maybe you should forward this to your pastor, your mother, your boss, your children. Or would you be ashamed of your lapse in character?

Good luck seeking forgiveness,

Blake A. Page
Military Religious Freedom Foundation
Special Assistant to the President
Director of West Point Affairs

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  1. Sue

    I don’t understand why everybody does not understand that the First Amendment is simply stating that the US government/Congress make no law “requiring only one religion” but shall give everyone the right to worship in whatever manner they desire.

  2. Tom

    Mr. or Ms. Name Withheld,

    I used to be a crusading frothing-at-the-mouth zealot too. I was more polite and articulate but probably appeared just as misinformed and ignorant as you do. Have you ever wondered why an organization like MRFF publishes your’s and other’s hateful comments? They certainly wouldn’t if it hurt their cause or made a rational, compelling case against them. So I ask you again if you now realize why your comments are published…

    Thanks for contributing to the cause!

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