GTMO, Cuba Nativity Assistance

Mikey Weinstein and MRFF,

I am a military service member deployed in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. I am writing this letter on behalf of myself and several other service members stationed here. Shortly after Thanksgiving two of the base dining facilities, Gold Hill Galley and Seaside Galley, prominently displayed Christian nativity scenes in the center of their eating areas. Several large banners displaying “Merry Christmas” are displayed throughout both facilities as well. No other religious denominations are represented aside from Christianity. Our local military family encompasses many faiths and beliefs to include Muslim, Jewish, Wiccan, Buddhist, Agnostic and other denominations. By placing these displays in prominent common areas, the impression is that one faith is better than others and that the military institution singularly promotes Christianity.

We come to you because Christian religious undertones have been shown from prominent members of the command team and we believe that our concern will be ignored and that there may be retributions if we attempt to hand this through the chain of command or Inspector General. These dining facilities are frequented by all members of the chain of command and command teams and should have been addressed already by these senior members. The religious climate was made very clear when we received our initial in-processing brief. One of our senior command team members briefed that their relationship with God was placed higher than even their relationship with their family.

Our military members here endure many hardships including being away from family, being verbally abused and having unspeakable items thrown on them during the performance of their duties (not by any US military members), media and national pressure, and less than ideal living conditions. When they finally have time to relax with their military family, they should not have to feel uncomfortable, out of place, or insignificant because their beliefs are not represented.

We would prefer to not have a large deal made out of this situation and only ask that these clear violations of military policy, and the Constitution, be removed immediately.

Thank you very much for your time and assistance,

Multiple Names, Ranks, Units of U.S. Military Members’/MRFF Clients’ at Guantanamo Withheld

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  1. James White

    Our so rough and tough military members can’t even go to their IG because of fear of reprisal? You’re dispicable and should be ashamed of yourselves. That’s what the IG is for if you fear your chain of command. Has their been reprisals that you know of? I doubt it. You just want to be heard and now you cowards have. It’s in context and that’s why it’s on display. I’ve been in many deployed dining facilities through the years that have celebrated all major events for the many religions. Where is your tolerance? Instead you turn to MRFF? They are not for military religous freedoms. They are for freedom from religion. They are just as intolerant as you.

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