How dare you

You thin skinned pussies need to get a life. If someone is “offended” by a nativity scene the scene doesn’t need to come down, the “offended” needs to either seek mental health counseling or just kill themselves. You worthless piles of shit need to understand that this country has freedom OF religion, not freedom FROM religion. What a bunch of worthless little babies, I hope you all die a fiery painful death.

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1 Comment

  1. David Carey

    No worried by your comments. I’m an atheist. There’s no god, no heaven and certainly no hell, therefore no ‘fiery, painful death’! I’ll leave it for you to live in fear of that for the rest of your miserable, fear-filled, bible-punching life if you like. However, if you stopped believing in fairy tales, perhaps you’d actually enjoy Christmas for the holiday it is!

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