I’m Jewish! KEEP the Nativity Scene


Dear Mr. Weinstein,

I’m (name withheld): Jewish Trooper

Keep the Nativity Scene in Gitmo! Mr. Wienstein, I am assuming you are Jewish. Or have a Jewish Dad.

You seem to prove the Anti-Semites right when you obnoxiously appear to be a supporter of free speech.

Yes, there is free speech. And then there are harmless asides.

My Born Again friends would invite me to put up a Menorah in the DFAC.

I’m Jewish with three kids, teenagers. One is in Yeshiva. I go to shul. We keep Shabbat as best we can.

I have 19 years of service. Three MOBs to Kuwait, Afghanistan and the Mediteranian.

Born Again Christians are Israel’s best friends. I know Armies of them. They all listen when I tell them what Judaism is about.

Last, devout Christians are VERY understanding. I admire the way Christianity has turned people around. Gives people meaning.

They also listen to the bad sides. I have confessed to a few that if I assessed Christianity only on my Dad’s experience in Nazi Germany, then it’s the World’s biggest lie.

In fact, campaign against Ahmadinejad (Iran), the Taliban and other real bad guys. But that would require courage.

(name withheld)

Dear (name withheld),

Mikey has read your email and asked me to respond.

The Nativity scene is still at GITMO under the control of the Chaplains – on Chapel grounds – where it belongs.

The majority of your email praises the born-again Christians for their love and support. What they don’t tell you is the hidden agenda behind it.

I am an ordained minister and spent 32 years in the born-again, Zionist loving church and know its end-game. I now expose it for the evil thing it is.

I am also on the Advisory Board of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation.

Did they tell you why they support Israel and why they want as many Jewish people back in the homeland as possible?

Did they tell you that Israel’s destruction is the key to Jesus coming back?

Did they tell you that 2/3 of the Jews in Israel will be killed in a bloodbath and they are actually looking forward to this?

Read this link and then do some more research wherever it leads you. You are being deceived into thinking they really love the Jewish people when they are looking forward to their destruction.

It’s called “Jehovah Sneaky.”


My heart breaks for you and all of the Jewish people, especially those in Israel.

These born-again, Zionist Zealots remind me of the Godfather movie when a friend is given a kiss before being killed.

This will be hard to digest and they will try to sweet talk you around it. My suggestion to you is to keep it to yourself until you fully understand their hidden agenda.

This is my personal email to you and in no way is it a reflection of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation.


Pastor Joan

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1 Comment

  1. Laura

    Evangelicals who embrace and love Jewish people do not do so with a hidden agenda. They are not looking forward to the attack on the Jewish people in Israel that the bible predicts is going to happen. Their “agenda,” if that’s what you want to call it, is to love them and show them the love their Jewish Messiah has for them, so that they too can come to know the Jewish Messiah. After all, as the Scriptures teach, He came for the Jew first and then the Gentile.

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