THE BLAZE – Military group demands Pentagon remove ‘egregiously unconstitutional’ nativities at Guantanamo Bay

Selected Article Excerpt:

There’s a nativity debate unfolding at Guantanamo Bay after U.S. servicemen reportedly complained about two creches in dining spaces.

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation says it received an email from 18 active-duty service members who are opposed to the presence of these Christian scenes, the Navy Times reported. The organization is appealing to the Pentagon to immediately remove the displays.

The nativities are in common dining areas, with the complaining officers writing in their email to the Military Religious Freedom Foundation that the creches give “the impression is that one faith is better than others, and that the military institution singularly promotes Christianity.”

“MRFF is demanding that the wholly unconstitutional nativity scenes and other sectarian messages be taken down immediately from the Gold Hill and Seaside gallies at GTMO,” Military Religious Freedom Foundation President Mikey Weinstein said in an email to the Pentagon.

Weinstein told TheBlaze Wednesday that the Pentagon has not responded to his group’s inquiries. He pledged that his organization will continue to demand that the two nativities be taken down immediately and placed at a more appropriate location.

“The law is clear. Either you include all religious faiths or you do not,” he said. “These nativity scenes are completely appropriate over at the chapel. They are completely … egregiously unconstitutional where they currently reside.”

Weinstein said the majority of his clients are actually Christians.

“For the record, 11 of our 18 clients are practicing Protestants and Roman Catholics,” he said. The rest are Jewish, Muslim, atheist and agnostic.

Weinstein added, “Our clients have told us that there appears to be a witch hunt going on to find out who the 18 clients are.”

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  1. Steve Tech

    “Our clients have told us that there appears to be a witch hunt going on to find out who the 18 clients are.” That’s because there are no clients… It’s just another way to take control.

    Military Religious Freedom Foundation = Obama’s Communist Military Infiltration Foundation!

  2. Michael Pierce

    Hopefully they find them.

  3. tom ash

    You do not speak for the military or military veterans. I am embarrassed that you are able to equate yourself with me among the fraternity of those that served. While I fought for your right to have your opinion and express that, your view that you can dictate what others should think and feel is disgusting to me. Your actions speak for no one other than your radical and extreme minority view. Stop pretending that you are doing any one good other than your radical self. You are not a winner by any stretch of the definition.

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