Kikey Whinersteen and Cenk The A-rab Uyger

Hey Kikey Whinersteen. It figures you’d go on a TV show hosted by filthy stinking muslem arabs like Cenk Uyger (notice stupid non-American name). You and him fooled no true Americans. None.

He sucked your perverted curcumsized dick real good for you on TV. Didn’t he Kikey? The only things uglier than your and Cenks faces are your skank wives. You and Cenk must be pitiful hard up. 2 uglier women then your squaws there are not. What you expect of she-kikes and she camel-jockeys?

Oh and Nice try crucifying our savior Jesus Christ again and again on the A-rab’s TV show. It’s all a hellbound hebe like you would know anyway. Can’t you get it threw your jew head that America’s armed forces are designed to be of The Christ and for The Christ. And only The Christ? The military’s Mission is to kill the rag heads. Convert the jewboys and jewgirls or kill them too. Liquidate the fags and queers. And terminate the abortionists and socialists. Nuke em all.
Your days are numbered Kikey Whinersteen. Too bad you were born too late for the crematory camps.

Christ returns soon. His kingdom come Thy will be done. America’s armed forces are Christ’s right hand.

Stop your jew war on Jesus The Christ in the military now. you will not be warned again.

We pray for your long and painful children’s deaths. They are drench in the blood of your sins. Suffer as you make Christ Jesus suffer you fucking kike.

On your knees to The Christ NOW!

Do it, Kikey! Heil Hitler!

Madam or Sir,

You are currently leading all contenders in the STUPIDEST PERSON TO EVER WRITE US FROM A FAKE WEB ADDRESS. If you’ll provide your full name (we allow for spelling errors; we have no choice when dealing with you and your brethren and sistren) we’ll be happy to mount it, along with a picture of the rear end of a horse, in our PROOF THAT SOME DIDN’T MAKE THE CUT IN HUMAN EVOLUTION room.

If you’re willing to provide a copy of your Nazi ID card it will give you ten extra points and automatic entry into the JESUS HEARD YOU AND HE IS WEEPING club.

With disgust.

Mike Farrell

Dear Anonymous Hater –

As a committed Christian, I find it important to respond when fellow Christians write to question the motives of Mikey Weinstein and the MRFF. My belief is that, in most cases, the concern stems from a sincere misunderstanding of the mission of the organization. As such, I try hard in those responses to offer a clear understanding of how the goals of the MRFF are not in conflict with Christian beliefs.

But this is not one of those times.

Rather, I want you to know that I am disgusted by your vile, hateful rant. You claim to be a Christian? Here is a little test — imagine Jesus Christ speaking the words of your email…. every use of the k-word…. every disrespectful comment about women…. every threat to children…. every mindless, disgusting insult…..

Now, if those words sound right to you coming from the mouth of the Lord, then you either worship a very different God than the rest of us, or you are certifiable.

Please do me and my fellow Christians a favor —– stop posing as one of us. I will pray for you; frankly, I think you are to be pitied. But I will also not hesitate to loudly proclaim my rebuke of you.

As for me, I remain both a faithful Christian and an MRFF supporter. If nothing else, your email is a good reminder and example of the ignorant, nasty and downright scary nuttiness that we all must combat.

Mike Challman, MRFF supporter

Dear Nazi,

I’ve been asked to respond to your email.  Rather than responding to you, however, I choose to intercede on your behalf:

Dear Jesus,

Please read the email, below.  It comes from one of your staunchest followers.  Please help him see the light.  Thank you, Jesus.


An honorable American veteran

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  1. Harriet Cotter

    This is one of the ugliest and most ignorant things I’ve ever read. How can this person profess to believe in the teachings of Christ?

    It would be laughable if the intensity of his hatred were not so frightening.

  2. RJ Parsons

    This is a very sick person.
    Although I do not believe religious decor or grooming in the military should replace the General Issue standards…but since the Hassan exception granted by this administration, what’s next?
    MRFF is the best advocate for freedom of and from religion in the military. Hats off for the noble and often unglamorous work protecting our comrades.
    Whoever wrote that probably has mental, social, psychological and other issues that are very serious. I hope the person gets treated before someone gets hurt.. Including whoever it is. I don’t think these vslues are why we are willing to fight for America, but the ability to say it, as long as no clear and present danger exists (like a threat) is why normally we defend free speech. I think this one clearly falls in the exception category.

  3. lonnie93041

    For some reason this one just doesn’t seem authentic. All the words are there but something is missing. I think someone’s having a little fun at our expense so don’t let it get to you too much.

    As far as grooming standards go, the President has nothing to do with them.

  4. David Cohen

    This ignorant fool would call Jesus Christ a kike… His IQ is so low it makes a snake’s ass look like a star.

    MRFF, keep up the good work, and “Illigitimati non carborundum” (don’t let the bastards grind you down).

  5. Peter D. Zimmerman

    Oh hateful and anonymous writer, are you aware that Jesus of Nazareth was a Jew? Are you?

    I thought Cenk’s and Mr. Weinstein’s discussion one of the best I’ve seen on the Net. You’re entitled to your private view if it differs.

    Let me say that you ARE entitled to that opinion, and I would put my Navy uniform back on to defend that right. Strike Air is present to defend all points of view, no matter how obnoxious abhorrent. So is that Constitution, including the fact that NO religious test will ever be imposed.

    If you have not worn the uniform of the US armed forces, it seems to me that your experience doesn’t go very deep, and your standing in this discussion is pretty weak.

    Unlike you, I’ll sign

    Peter.D.Zimmerman, LCDR, USNR (retired)

  6. Dave Gentile

    I call Poe.

    Aside from the raw xenophobia, what frightens me most about this type of person is the homocidal jingoism. If Jesus and Yahweh have such a thing for the USA, why did they wait so long to create it?

    As the old bigot said, bemoaning immigrant languages, “If English was good enough for Jesus Christ, it ought to be good enough for [all Americans].”

  7. Mary G Hoglund

    One has to wonder if it ever occurred to the author of this comment that Jesus was a Jew and, therefore, in the writer’s lexicon, a “kike” and Jesus’s mother Mary a “she-kike.” Also, since circumcision has for generations been a routine procedure on newborn males in America, including Christians, it is likely that the writer, if a male, is himself circumcised. Maybe the writer should pause and think about that for a few minutes, and maybe take it up with his minister or priest?

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