New Year Wishes for Mickey and MFRR

May our Lord and savior sweep all of you away to you rightfull places burning in hell eternal. Starting with Mickey Weinstein. Who loves the fags muslems and jews more than he loves America and its people. May the new year bring Jesus wrath upon you all.

(name withheld)

Dear (name withheld),

I guess Mikey would like Americans a lot better if they were less like you.

Jesus is not a wrathful God. The most violent thing he ever did when angry was to zap that fig tree for being barren when he was hungry.

Nonetheless, you, and many others like you would use Jesus as a weapon to strike down those with whom you disagree. I hate to break this to you but it is folks such as yourself that should be worrying about their future. Every awful thought you have is being totaled to present at your judgement.

Our New Year Wishes for you is that your brain comes back out of the coma its been in for some time and you begin to see things clearly again. Right now you are a Christian thug and bully who would sacrifice all for religious dominance.

May Jesus have mercy on you.

Rick Baker
Capt. USAF (Ret)
MRFF Volunteer

Dear (name withheld),

I realize this is a fake email address so the coward who sent this self-condemning message may not see this response, but just in case…

Jesus’ wrath? I would think the author of such a vile piece of stupidity and hatred would be the one feeling the wrath of Jesus if anyone would. Apparently in some twisted versions of Christian belief one is free to spout any ignorant, obscene or evil thought in any direction the cult member chooses. It’s painful to consider the awakening that some day faces this poor benighted wretch.

Mike Farrell

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  1. Francine Molay

    There seems to be a direct correlation between the appalling number of spelling and grammar errors in a given email and a lack of understanding of the MRFF goals. A coincidence? I think not. I despair for the future of our country if this is an indicator of the education level of our population.

    I would suggest to many of your detractors that they might want to brush up on their basic writing skills and civics lessons rather than threatening you with eternal damnation.

  2. NameWithheld

    So, let’s think of it this way….

    You claim that your god is All-Powerful (omnipotent) and All-Knowing (omniscient).

    You claim that your god created Everything.

    You claim that everything that your god created is good.

    Your religion makes sure you believe in how flawed human beings are.

    Reality: There are, in this world right now, homosexuals and people who are not of your specific belief system (religion), or as you so eloquently put it, “fags muslems and jews…”

    Hence, since your god created them, they are good.

    Since you are a human, you must be the one who is flawed. You are wrong and misinterpreting Everything. Rethink…

    Oh, and wasn’t it your god that said he is the final judge, not you?

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