FEATURED INBOX POST – Praying to Keep You from Hell

Mr. Wienstein,
Our Army Chaplain at our base bible study this morning asked us all to pray for your immortal soul. And the souls of your suffering wife and children. He said she has the MS. He has most of your alls’ family pictures from the internet and FaceBook. We passed them around. And we prayed hard on them. And for the souls of all of the Lost to our Savior Jesus Christ at the military Religious freedom foundation.

The Chaplain taught that the evil you and your followers do in our ArmyMr. Wienstein is because you all have chosen to serve satan. Satan is your Lord. You all hate Christ because he blesses the Army in this fallen world. Therefore you will all burn in hell eternal unless our prayers for your salvation are answered. If we can unharden your and the MFRR’s hearts we can remove satan’s influnece in our Army.

And you so deserve to burn if you reject Christ’s love. All of you. It is only through the Grace of Christ that you your famliy and all you all at the MFRR will be spard the flames of hell. You think the constitution is your idol. America was founded as a nation of Christians for Christians. We won the Revolutionary war with Christians dying and fighting in our victorious army and navy. Not the jews or the muslams buddists or athiests or homosexuals. We know your a jew but you can’t deny the facts of history. You claim to be a lawyer but don’t even know your American history?

Surrender now on your knees. To Jesus Christ and beg forgivemess Mr. Wienstein. It is The 1 and Only Answer to the holes in your alls’ hearts at the MFRR. John Chap. 14 verce 6. Refuse this free gift of His grace and hell is for you all. You will all burn. Forever and a day. Revelations Chap. 21 verce 8. Your only hope is we pray hard enough. We promise you we will do our part here.

12 Christian Army couples who enough care to try to save you all
in spite of yourselves

Dear Christian Army couples,

Your prayers, if they were sincere, would be appreciated. It’s always nice to have someone think well of us. But clearly you do not think well of either Mr. Weinstein, his family, or any of the people associated with the MRFF, so it’s clear your prayers are only self-serving and not worth the energy expended to utter them.

As for your rendition of history, you clearly have no idea about the founding of our country. The British, against whom the Revolutionary War was fought, were Christians. Does that give you pause? And as far as your assertion that our army included no Jews or atheists or homosexuals, how in God’s name do you make such an asinine assertion. Whether there were Bhuddists or Muslims in the country at that time, I do not know, but to claim that none of those fighting for our country were atheists, Jews or homosexuals is a monument to bias and stupidity.

As for your Army Chaplain, if he actually said what you claim here, please tell him for me that he is an idiot.

Mike Farrell
(Board of Advisors, MRFF)

Dear (name withheld),

For what it’s worth, your email sounds sincere, to me, though very misguided. For example, my family as well as Mikey’s include many Jews who have served in our nation’s military. Indeed, I am one of them. The earliest Jews in the American military go back to Revolutionary War days. Since our founding fathers were intelligent enough to separate government from religion and religion from government, it seems there was a wave of atheism about, too, so you can well expect atheists in our military that far back, as well. I’ll give you one thing: homosexuals have been around since biblical times. And, therefore, you can bet they have been in our American military throughout its history, too.

Your chaplain concerns me, though. If he, indeed, said the sorts of things you wrote, it is, at the least, defamation of character. If he did so in uniform, on base, while on duty — that is, as a representative of the United States Government — then, he likely is also in breach of some UCMJ regulations, as well.

Free speech is for citizens. Government representatives are just that: representatives of government. Their speech is less free. Off the job, when they are not representing government, they can say what they like, but in the military, delineations of what is and is not considered speech on behalf of the military and government is very strict.

And now, as to your prayers: You would do well to pray for enlightenment, knowledge, and the spirit to uplift your fellow human beings on this earth. You might even take a break from praying to make time to acquire that enlightenment and knowledge, to learn ways to uplift yourself and others. It is a far worthier goal. Trust me.

One who hopes you see the light, before your soul perishes in the everlasting darkness it clearly is in, now.

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  1. Karen

    Mikey and Co., first of all I’m unhappy that I couldn’t support you in 2013 as in years past; 2014 will be better, I hope. You do great work. I was raised Catholic (I’m agnostic now) and I could never, ever, no matter what my beliefs, write a letter like that. What condensation! What ignorance of the Constitution! And what I consider the ultimate pejorative: “I will pray for you”.

    If my retired military relatives had to undergo the modern BS, Christians all, they would have had a fit. May your work be greatly supported, and I’ll pitch in when I can.

  2. Mike Challman

    Emails such as the one from these “12 Christian Army couples who enough care to try to save you all in spite of yourselves” leave me embarrassed as a fellow Christian. The most insidious bigotry is the kind that comes wrapped up in a seemingly kind and compassionate message…. but which is ignorant and nasty at its core.

    I do not hesitate to declare that I am a committed Christian, a USAF veteran, AND that I also support the efforts of the MRFF. These positions are not mutually exclusive. The document that every US military member and US elected official has sworn to support and defend is the US Constitution. Doing so does not make one a ‘bad Christian’… rather, it makes one a good citizen.

    The “12 Christian army couples who enough care to try to save you all in spite of yourselves”, and others who have similar misguided opinions, would do well to spend some time reading and reflecting on the US Constitution.

  3. watchtower

    I find it unlikely that an Army preacher would be part of any of the BS. I’m beginning to wonder about or education system in the USA; do we not teach our children that people serving in our Military (and previous wars) come from different backgrounds and religions (or no religion)? I’ve recently read that Texas put in creationism in our kids text books…are you kidding me? It’s no wonder we are falling behind the rest of the world in education and purpose. If I ever hear someone like this spew this awful crap at my base, they will get an earful for sure!

  4. Wolfgang McLachlan

    First of all let me say that as a Sergeant First Class in the United States Army, a proud Airborne Infantryman who fought in both Iraq during the surge (06-08) and Afghanistan (09-10), a career deeply rooted in the tradition warrior code values, and currently a Senior Drill Sergeant instructing Infantry OSUT here at Fort Benning, GA that I have personally seen such a reaction to my spiritual belief of “Christian Norse Shamanism” in my own life. I have been told the usual laundry list of religious comments by Army Chaplains, Christians who I served with, and people in general when they either see my runic tattoo work, the Thor’s Hammer I wear, or when the discussion of religious beliefs comes up and I express my values.

    Funny thing is, at no time in my combat experience in either Iraq or Afghanistan has my spiritual beliefs been a issue with those who I have lead in combat. Even when I was the American mentor to 5th KDK Afghanistan Boarder Police and 203 Afghan Army, not once did they object to my beliefs or attempt to convert me. We would have open discussions about my faith and how it gave me courage in the face of our enemies and how our own code of honor was so similar.

    It is only when I came back to the states that my spiritual beliefs came under attack. If this “heathen” is good enough to lead your sons into a firefight, to bleed for this country, then why am I not good enough to worship in accordance to my beliefs to the Gods that I not only felt, but SEEN twice during my combat deployments. Once was in Oct 2007 on a night time raid that went bad in Iraq and the other was on 08 Oct 2009 in Gomal Afghanistan when the patrol I was attached to was caught in a triangle ambush in the mountains.

    Horns Up

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