Dear sir and associates. I am an American who believe as the vast majority of our founding fathers did as did 99.9 percent of those who came to these shores to be able to worship GOD almighty in the particular (Christian) denomination of their choice. You obviously possess what is considered to be above average intelligence so I can only believe that you either choose to ignore the original intent of the signers of our sacred constitution , are an historical revisionist and basically a liar, are just ignorant of American history or would say well, that was then and this is now etc. in any case, up until 1949 when a certain Supreme Court justice who regretfully first uttered your mantra in the context which you have chosen to adopt, this country was regarded as a Christian nation as evidenced by the policies ,many quotations, enacting days of prayer and supplication, support of evangelism to indians by printing bibles for them , $300.00 to build a church for the and to pay for a mssionary to them all paid for by tax payers money of all of the first group of presidents of the United States. The two least “religious” of the founding fathers would be considered on the extreme religious right today being Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson who was the advocate for the tax paid support for the evangelization of the above referenced Indians. As you I am very sure are aware, Jefferson in reply to the Danbury baptist letter to him regarding their concern that they might be forced to switch to some national denomination of Christianity assured them that they would not because of the “wall of separation “of church and state would not allow this to happen. It was always assumed that this country was and always would be Christian and our very purpose was evangelization. All soldiers in washing tons army were require to take sacred oaths and expected to be Christian soldiers. John Adams stated that ” our constitution was made only for a religious and moral people and is wholly inadequate for the governance of any other ” which was echoed by Washington and James Madison . The founding of this country was basically a big church re location period. In the 1890s the Supreme Court declared after much research and deliberation, this is a Christian nation”. I could go on and on but I will just say that since you declare as I understand your self to be Jewish, I am sure you understand the implications of forgetting GOD nationally and the ramifications as demonstrated several times in Jewish history which culminated in destruction, capture, slavery and genocide. Your actions sir if you are successful, would serve to bring the same curse on our armys and our land. We have already surpassed sodom and Gomorrah for evil and I believe GOD is only allowing us to continue to exist because of his remnant who are still in the land. I will pray that you like Paul will have a Damascus road experience and will have a great revelation of truth before it is too late. GOD has made you for a righteous purpose and given you awesome talents. Please stop serving the enemy , be born again , pray to be filled with the Holy Spirit and anointed to fulfill your Devine purpose in the name of Jesus Yeshua HaAmashiach. Amen. It is appointed for man once to die and after this, the judgement.

(name withheld)

Dear (name withheld),

I have been asked to respond to your email, as Mikey is busy protecting the religious freedoms of individuals in our military services. You see, our Founding Fathers (despite your personal beliefs) knew that the safest future for us all lay in keeping religion out of government and government out of religion. The many different sects of Christianity which came in the form of individual colonies would have fought each other to prove their particular versions of Jesus and God were the only true ones. Of course, they would have gone after any accused heretics, first. England, with its Episcopalian branching off Catholicism, proved the point before, and Northern Ireland, with its Protestants vs. Catholics war, has proven the point since. Outside of Christianity, the point is being proven in bloodshed between factions of Islam: Sunni vs. Shia vs. Wahabi vs. etc.

Sadly, one of the most heartbreaking examples within our military is the common scenario of a commander who decides that particular individuals under his chain of command must be somehow ejected from the military because they don’t go to the right church. That is, they don’t follow his version of Christianity, and therefore they are not Christian enough, in his view.

The Christians who behave in this unChristian and unAmerican manner fall into the category of Dominionists. Perhaps you would do well to look it up.

Were Dominionists to get their way inside the military as, incidently, they are also trying to do in other spheres of life (look up “Seven Mountains”), they would have no qualms about going further. Just yesterday, in the news, a retired general announced he would lead troups in a military coup, given the manpower. That’s treason, pure and simple, if you ask me.

Were he to succeed, though, he might well decide, next, that only his brand of Christianity is allowed, and all who don’t succumb to that very narrow view must be eradicated. If you’re old enough, or you’ve studied enough history, this scenario might sound familiar. It’s happened more than once, in human history, and each time, the blood shed is worse than ever before.

Those who offer up their lives in our military to defend our lives and freedoms deserve respect. Their choice of religious practice, whatever practice they choose, is their Constitutional right. Even Jesus, himself, would not want them harmed in anyway, so I hope you, too, will join our efforts to protect them. It is the least we can all do.

A stauch MRFF supporter and military veteran

Dear (name withheld),

I was given a copy of your e-mail to Mikey Weinstein of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) out of interest. I do not write as a representative or spokesperson for either Mikey or MRFF.

From your e-mail it is glaringly evident that you are deep in the clutches of a profoundly disturbed delusion propounded by ultra right-wing Christian nationalist fundamentalists. It is not worth my time to try and dissuade you from your misguided fantasy although it would be to your benefit to engage in ‘reality testing’ with someone who actually lives in the real world.

Your thoroughly deviant version of American history [aka: David Barton’s Hallucination] as been entirely debunked by Chris Rodda’s ”Liars For Jesus” to which I refer you (urgently… today! Please, don’t delay!).

I have also taken the liberty of forwarding your e-mail to Police Chief (Foley, MN) Katie McMillin since, if you are actually a Foley, MN police officer as your e-mail address suggests, she should be aware that a) you’re using the department’s e-mail for your private purposes (and you a police officer mandated to uphold the law???), as well as b) being aware that one of her officers (if I’m correct in my assumptions) has a worldview in which the U.S. Constitution, on which the laws you are supposed to enforce are based, takes second place to your deviant religious beliefs and thus your effectiveness as a police office may be suspect.

As an aside, if the U.S. is indeed a ‘Christian’ nation, why isn’t the U.S. Constitution based on the 10 Commandments rather than the ideas & ideals of the reformation?

In profound relief that people with your beliefs comprise a miniscule percentage of the American public,



I am a combat Marine F4 Pilot- 110 missions out of Chu Lai- mostly CAS- considerable action at close range. I am also an enrolled Sioux Indian from So Dakota. Your over zealous Christians really did a number on us. First you Ban our Religion (Spirituality actually- We base our beliefs on what Benevolent Creator makes- Nature- you believe in what Man states) I know quite a bit about your beliefs as every missionary has tried to convert us. You lobbied Congress to also build a Canton SD Federally staffed All Indian Insane Asylum for mostly our innocent Medicine Men and women almost 200 graves to prove it.. Cunning way to wipe out differing beliefs. You  are horribly unconstitutional if you happen to believe in such. You set up Boarding schools to brain wash our Indian youth and consequently you provided a pitiful academic education because your focus was on Jessusss, Jesus. I have 12 brothers and sisters and none were capable of entering college. I was spared from such criminal atrocity and have a J D. I doubt if they would have ever been qualified to fly a F-4 Phantom the premier fighter attack weapon in Vietnam. You also pedophiled our youth and recently your xtian legislators set back the Statue of Limitations to prevent the innocent victims from receiving just monetary compensation. Governor Glenn Rounds, SD,  decision after being lobbied by Catholic Bishops. He now is running for Senate. In the military, combat in Vietnam, none of us went to your church services, none of us were promoted or demoted because of our religious beliefs. Now, I understand the military is rife with religious Nut commanders who judge a man on whether he goes to church or not. Such, is causing Innocent servicemen to throw their hands up and quit the military costing untold millions in training loss also making my combat machine deficient and dangerous to fly because of some ill brained Jesus nut putting my electronics together or my ejection seat. Basically, we need you squirrels out of manipulating our military. With the atomic weaponry that we have, only two of you nuts are needed to fulfill Pat Robertsons (The Extreme Nut) hoped for prediction- “A valley shall run with blood,’ and punch off an atomic conflagration. Fanaticism is extremely dangerous- that is one issue the MRFF is focused upon- Thank Creator- if there is one< Ed McGaa, Eagle Man, Oglala Sioux. Please note- I am a truthful, proud warrior. When I issue a statement I have the balls to state my name and post correct e-mail unlike 90% of you gutless untruthful, feeble minded, sheep creeps who blast and run anonymously  at MRFF. In the Indian’s mind they are Untruthful and will pay dearly in the Spirit World that awaits. Creator is All truth and All Knowledge in our Sioux beliefs and our Track Record for Truth widely surpasses your pitiful record that cannot qualify for the word – Track Record. Talk about being Doomed- You pitifuls are IT. Damn- I forgot to bring up what your Christian country did to the Jews- WW II. Oh well- Maybe another time.

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