Michael Weinstein,
You, sir, and your repulsive family are the most disgraceful plague ever to be visited upon our beloved Air Force Academy. What you and your so-called “Military Freedom FROM Religious Foundation” have done to destroy the Academy’s good name can only be described as evil incarnate. You are so despised in the Academy graduate community. How does that make you feel?
And no little forgetable speech by the Academy Dean will ever change what you are. You are an isolated outcast forever among your fellow graduates..
Know how much you are hated Michael Weinstein. Know how much your fellow USAFA graduates will rejoice when you eventually croak. You will go straight to hell for your deliberate crimes of rebellion against America, its special Christian heritage of anointment and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
We can’t wait to piss on your grave, Weinstein.
Fast, Neat, Average, Friendly, Dead, Dead.

many graduates of the United States Air Force Academy
Proud to be Christians
Proud to be Americans

Dear proud Christian Americans who soil the name of Jesus,

Your utterly contemptible message is sadly typical of the ignorant few who have so distorted the message of Jesus to suit their own prejudices that they would be laughable if they weren’t so pathetic.

The USAFA graduates and current cadets and members of the armed forces who understand and are grateful to Mr. Weinstein and the MRFF for their work to protect the freedom of religion so far outnumber you of little faith that it’s clear it frightens you to the point of near-hysteria. The moronic messages that pour forth from your strangled hearts give evidence of the damage done by such a commitment to fear and jealousy.

Know you are pitied by those who understand, as you do not, what being an American actually means.

Mike Farrell
(MRFF Board of Advisors)

Dear (name withheld),

I respectfully disagree. As the person who first reported the Dean’s words yesterday, I can tell you that Mikey is both admired and respected by many senior officers (including many GOs’s and Colonels) and graduates around this country for his courage in helping us all defend the Constitution, serve honorably in the military, and preserve what’s great about our alma mater. Believe it or not, there are literally hundreds at USAFA and thousands throughout the DoD who prefer to keep their religious views out of the workplace because we know that a primary tenant of effective leadership is respecting all those with whom we serve–including their right to conduct their private lives as they see fit–so long as they meet or exceed the standards expected of them in executing their duty and treat all among them with that same respect. To me, that means when my son is a doolie at USAFA, he shouldn’t be forced to march in the “Heathen Flight” because he’s chosen to NOT attend quasi-mandatory Bible Study (this happened in the early 2000s to my son). To Mikey, it meant that he needed to act when cadets called his sons “Fucking Jews” and “Christ Killers” while they were cadets. It means that I want to serve in an Air Force that judges me on my ability to do my job, not how I spend my Sunday mornings or if I attend the National Prayer Breakfast with my boss. It means that my Christian cadets can celebrate Christmas and Easter as easily and freely as we allow our Muslim cadets to observe Ramadan or our Wicca cadets (and they exist, I assure you) to dance around a fire at the equinox or I can just be left alone to climb a mountain and think deeply about how I can help my cadets learn more in the classroom and be better officers after they graduate.

What a narrow, stunted view you must have of our Academy and the world. The richness you miss by assuming and imposing your narrow value system on all those around you without bothering to even taste the Green Eggs and Ham that’s offered up all around us and every day–the stuff that makes America stronger, safer, and more credible internationally as a role model for freedom, tolerance, and justice. Yes, it’s true. Not everyone is like you. Not everyone is like me. Where you find that a frightening prospect–and react to it by lashing out with threats from behind the veil on internet anonymity– the true leaders in today’s Air Force view it as an opportunity to learn, to grow, to build.

I respect your right to worship your chosen deity and wish you all the best as you strive to meet the aspirations of Christianity. I also realize that you’ll be asking for considerable forgiveness as, it appears hate (rather than love) consumes your soul. We can learn from all those around us. As for me, I thank you for helping me appreciate that there still exists an all-too-large number of fellow graduates who are a danger to our Constitution and our Academy because of their bile and stupidty–something even a well-rounded education during their formative years couldn’t remedy.

Go Falcons!
A 1980s Grad With Over 30 Years Active Duty Service

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  1. andrea

    The hate and bile written by the supposed spokespeople of the Christians at the Air Force Academy does a lot to show that Christianity is nothing special. It simply allows people to fantasize that some imaginary being supports their personal hatreds.

    I do have to say that it is a shame that such people are in our armed forces.

  2. c. currey

    Most us normal Americans find religion nonsense. The fundamentalists whether they be crazy Christians or manic Muslims are morally corrupt and preach nothing but death, torture and murder.

    These crazies will murder in a minute and care not whom they murder. They allow themselves to be exploited willingly by the cynical elites who make money from their desire to murder in the name of their invented Gods.

    They disgust me and I welcome their hatred.


    C. Currey

  3. Dave Gentile

    Setting aside my disgust for the letter-writers’ hatred, I find it sad that their faith seems to exacerbate, rather than relieve, xenophobia.

  4. Marshalldoc

    The hatred & vitriol with which these so-called ‘Christians’ attack Mikey & MRFF are prima facie evidence that allowing people with these beliefs to be not just in the military in positions of authority over others, but in position to control history’s most lethal military machine is absolute lunacy. Sadly, there are many in the military with just this mind-set, not to mention their enablers in Congress, industry, and other aspects of civilian life who would be just fine with bigots such as this writer being in charge of not only the military but of society in general. That’s why the average American owes a debt of gratitude to the Mikey Weinsteins, MRFFs, ACLUs, CCRs, SPLCs, and other like-minded organizations that work to keep a foot on the necks of the fascists, racists & bigots who might otherwise control our lives.

  5. jimbo

    In my view of the world what has happened in the AFA is a natural outcome of belonging to any religions that mandate adherents convert others. Always, and inevitably. Christianity and Islam so demand, they make up two of the three Abrahamic religions. We live in a world where war and strife is on the decline, except religious wars. Maybe with the decline of religions in our civilization we will no longer have a need for air force academies. What has happened at the AFA and other institutions so infected has nothing to do with humanity and its needs, it has to do with non-existent supernatural beings which are a source of power. This discussion is not new, it took place when the Constitution employed the concept of separation of powers.

  6. XaurreauX

    Secularism is for grownups.

  7. Mike Challman, USAFA 85

    Two quick observations to the writer of this nasty email, from a fellow graduate of USAFA –

    First, you do not speak for all members of the grad community, and certainly not for me. I have a deep respect for Mikey Weinstein and the work that he has done at MRFF. The effort is right and honorable. And there are many other grads who feel the same way — I’d even wager that it is you who is in the minority among the 40,000+ grads.

    Second, you are right to be alarmed by the recent comments of the Dean, if it is your desire to push an imprudent, inappropriate and unconstitutional Dominionist agenda at USAFA. Your goals are without question misaligned with the true meaning and purpose of the USAFA mission. I’m pretty sure I still recall my Doolie knowledge correctly —

    “The mission of the United States Air Force Academy is to provide instruction and experience to all cadets, so that they graduate with the knowledge and character essential to leadership and the motivation to become career officers in the United States Air Force.”

    As an AF officer and subsequently as a corporate executive, I’ve led many diverse teams. Although I’m a Christian, I’ve never proselytized. Why? Because my team members’ religious persuasion isn’t part of our mission. Does that mean that I don’t share my faith? Quite the contrary – I share it every day in the values by which I live and the way in which I treat people. And if someone asks me why I believe and act as I do, I’m happy to tell them about my faith and it’s not inappropriate to do so. But I understand that if I create an environment where my religious views are emphasized, then I put my team in a difficult situation. Every military leader has an obligation to be equally respectful of his subordinates.

    Mike Challman
    Proud member, USAFA Class of ’85
    Proud to support the MRFF

  8. Mike

    I am a proud Academy graduate, career officer and fighter pilot. Based on what I have read and heard Mr. Weinstein say, the original post is more in line with his style and purposes. Seems like “chaff” to me, most likely posted by Mike and his crew to generate financial support. The tactic is just another tool to try and paint all Christians as haters. Come on Mike, I saw more believable deception put out their by Baghdad Bob. Surprised to see anyone roped in by the post, but I guess its possible. More likely, just more chaff put out there by Mike and Mike.

    Class of 86 “86,75,309”

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