You Are Officially Expelled From USAFA Class of 1977

> Michael Weinstein,
> From this day onward you have been officially expelled from our Air Force Academy Class of 1977. As far as we’re concerned you simply do not exist. None of us will communicate with you ever again. None of us will acknowledge your presence at any future Academy reunions or any other Academy events. Nor any other gatherings. Should you ever need help of any kind you will not receive any from your former classmates. You are unwelcome. You are a ghost and will be treated forever as such.
> Your continued baseless assault against our Christian faith at the Air Force Academy, the Air Force and the rest of DoD grows both worrisome and tiresome. You are a pariah to all of your now former classmates. You are a danger to our country. You are a disgrace to all who follow the both the Cross and the American flag defending it. We, your former classmates, want nothing to ever do with you again. We will be requesting the Assn. of Graduates to strike your name forever from its membership roles.
> While we may not speak for our whole class, we are many if not most of your former classmates. When we gather with other grads and they find out which class we’re in it’s always the same thing. They want to know why we as your classmates can’t rein you in from your vicious attacks on the Son of God? We are collectively blamed for your crimes against Christ. But no more. You have reaped what you have sown. We had warned you to stop but you ignored us all.
> We tell them that we have tried but you’re unwilling to stop your baseless crusade. You are more than an embarrassment to our Class of ’77. You have become a true threat to our entire alma mater our military and our country. All of our classmates (except at most four or maybe five) despise you and your raging against the freedom to merely share the love our Lord and Savior as we desire to do.
> Why do you do this Michael Weinstein? Is it because you and your children could not handle it? Being merely exposed lovingly to the Gospel of Jesus Christ at the Academy? By deception you converted your daughter-in-law away from The Word and tore her from her father. Nothing your sons have ever claimed has been verified. Nor has anything you have ever claimed nor anything your so-called clients have ever claimed. You wage an unjust war against those of Christ who have never done the slightest offense against you, your family or anyone else. You defile Christ where He can and must provide His Grace to the Academy and the Air Force and all who wear the uniform.
> When you die, Michael Weinstein, none of us will attend your funeral. We will encourage others to boycott as well. Instead we will rejoice and celebrate. We know where your eternal soul will rightfully reside. You have earned Christ’s righteous sentence to burn in the pits of hell forever.
> With disrespect and dishonor intended,
> The Majority of Your Former Classmates; USAFA Class of 1977

Mikey, What a nameless idiot. I hereby invite you into the USAFA Class of ’64 with all honors and privileges.
(name withheld)
P.S. You may post this online

I love you.. proud of you.. hang in there.. this is a badge of honor that will be saluted one day!

(name withheld)

Well Mikey….I AM NOT ONE OF THE MAJORITY!!! I believe you have more courage than any of the sorry souls that contributed to this letter. You are willing to put your good name out there for what you believe in. These “classmates” of ours don’t even have the courage to sign their names to this baseless missive. Just thought you should know that you have someone from our class in your corner.

Always your classmate,

(name withheld)

Oh this really pisses me off!

Dear (name withheld),

How dare you even insinuate that you speak for a majority of the class of 1977!

You hide in anonymity, you baseless cowards!

You and your cronies are the embarrassment to the Academy, the Air Force, most Christians and intelligent people everywhere.

If you had ever bothered to babble this bull shit at the Academy, I would have eviscerated you verbally.

You are a stain on humanity. You want to live in a fairy tale “Christian” world.

Here’s reality. The U.S. is governed by a constitution which clearly delineates the separation of church and state. Many Christians fled Europe to settle in the “new world” to escape the tyranny of theocracies and not belonging to the “correct” religion.

The irony is this is just what you want to establish in the U.S. You mock other religions and are horrified by the Taliban, but you are no different – you just follow a different fairy tale. Your objective is the same. Total domination of your religion.

I wish you would pull your head out and start thinking critically and for yourself. But, I know that will never happen. You got the Christian fundamentalist lobotomy and are just a drone for the few megalomanical thinkers of your religion.

I loathe your kind for besmirching the reputation of the Academy.

I’m proud of Mikey Weinstein and what his organization does to repel your kind.

I don’t care if I’m in the “minority” or not.

I stand behind Mikey.

I am (name withheld), Class of 1977!!!!!

Dear spineless, unnamed ’77 grad,

Shame on you.

Let’s start at the beginning. I’m a ’78 grad, and I’ve known Mikey Weinstein for decades. I’m not on his Board of Directors; not a big donor to his cause; not always supportive of his vitriol. I am, however, fully supportive of any effort to make the Constitution the overriding governing directive of the American military. You might recall the oath we all took. It was to that Constitution, and not to the Christian Bible.

That being said, if your Class doesn’t want Mikey as a part of it, I’ll gladly recommend to mine that we adopt him.

You see, I think I can speak for a lot of my classmates that while we don’t all agree with his cause, we all wore our country’s uniform to defend his right to champion that cause. And, in the grander sense, isn’t that cause all about the freedom of religion that’s spelled out in that Constitution? Mikey was brutalized as a Cadet, because of his faith. His sons were denigrated, because of their faith. You call these assertions baseless. After reading your “official” expulsion, I find the allegations very easy to believe. Why? Because of people like you who have the gall to take on yourself the right to decide who can call themselves a ’77 grad, and in fact, who ought to be allowed membership in our AOG. Yet, at the same time, you don’t have the balls to even sign your name.

As long as there are people in our Air Force who force their religious beliefs on others, particularly those under them in the Chain of Command, there is a place for Mikey’s cause. As long as there are people in our military who give any consideration whatsoever to someone’s religious beliefs when completing performance appraisals, there’s not only a place, but an absolute NEED for Mikey’s efforts.

It’s been quite a while, but I remember needing to do more than a bit of research at the Academy before taking pen to paper. This lesson was apparently lost on you. Because, had you done any research into Mikey’s foundation, you’d realize that the last thing he wants to do is to stop you from sharing your love of your Lord and Savior. Indeed, he wants to protect your ability to do so. What he wants to prevent is a Commander or supervisor from making that sharing a mandatory part of someone’s job. Believe it or not, there are people in the military with different beliefs, and that sharing is unwanted. There are also people with no spiritual beliefs at all. This is their right, and your sharing would be equally unwanted there. Why can’t you see this? Mikey has hundreds of clients who consider themselves to be Christian, but feel they’re being discriminated against because they’re “not Christian enough.” Does this make any sense?

You say “You wage an unjust war against those of Christ who have never done the slightest offense against you, your family or anyone else,” and then just a few short sentences later, state that you’ll rejoice and celebrate at his death because he’ll be cast into the pits of Hell for all eternity. Ummmm….that’s more than a bit inconsistent, isn’t it? I was always taught that the Christian God is all about forgiveness and love. Yours is apparently all about Hellfire and brimstone. Pity. When you do your research into Mikey’s foundation, perhaps you should also do some research into the teachings of your Savior. You might want to start with the part about loving one another. It’s a profound lesson. You should learn it.

You close your missive with “disrespect and dishonor intended.” You, sir, have brought disrespect and dishonor upon your cowardly self, your Class, and indeed the entire graduate community. How? By forgetting that we were taught to think objectively, and to consider multiple viewpoints, and to have the courage to stand behind our words, rather than hide in anonymity.

Our Academy taught us to be much better than this. The Christian Bible demands that we be much better than this. You should be ashamed.

(name withheld)
USAFA Class of ’78

To Whom It May Concern:

I received this letter (email) from an email address I didn’t recognize from someone I don’t know. I’ve never heard of Michael Weinstein.

This is what any intelligent person who had a grievance against another person would do. This letter, in the form of an email, exhibits strong envy and the highest form of jealousy on the part of the writer. No writer of a diatribe such as this would sign their name, “The Majority of Your Former Classmates; USAFA Class of 1977”

Since you are probably not the writer and only the foolish messenger who the writer and others suckered into sending such drivel, I would strongly recommend that someone from the Air Force Academy of Class of 1977 source your roster of USAFA Class of 1977 graduates.

Someone on your roster must have graduated from medical school and specialized in the field of psychiatry. If you send an email or letter to that doctor and include the email you wrote to Mr. Weinstein, which is reflected below my signature and sent to Mr. Michael Weinstein, I am quite certain your psychiatrist classmate would recommend to stop inflating the ego and pride of Mr. Michael Weinstein.

If for some unknown reason you or a few of your USAFA Class of 1977 classmates have a grievance or are upset with Mr. Michael Weinstein for some reason, you are probably providing him with much more pleasure than anyone in his daily life could ever accomplish.

Since I was unable to find anything in your letter which I felt could upset any of your classmates, your explanation appears to be a gross waste of your time. If your consultation with your psychiatrist classmates proves to be unsatisfactory, I would strongly consider contacting a minister, priest or rabbi from your USAFA Class of 1977.

One of your classmates you probably know well must have joined the chaplaincy corps and might enlighten you as to whether you have a legitimate grievance. To all of you, I wish you fair winds and following seas.

All the very best,
Howard G. Singer
La Jolla, California

You must not be an Air Force Academy graduate because the classmates that I know, the same former officers that make me proud to be a graduate myself, would have the PRIDE and gumption to sign their name to a statement of beliefs. You are certainly entitled to your opinion and to make it known but do not assume that you speak for all or even the majority of Academy graduates. I am certain that your knowledge of the majority opinion is as weak as your understanding of the Constitution and the protections it provides. As a Christian I know that to protect my personal freedom of religion it is imperative that no religious beliefs be given priority over the others. This includes the many sects and practices within my chosen religion. As one of my classmates and friends so eloquently stated: Mikey is doing what we have all sworn to do, defend and protect the Constitution. You are certainly entitled to disagree but next time grow a spine and sign your name.

(name withheld)
Pride Rides

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  1. Brent Thompson

    An anonymous coward who forgets the military defends the Constitution not a particular religious symbol, or even flags. “I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic…”

  2. Lynda Bloomberg

    As a SAC Trained Crew Chief on KC-135A’s if you need anything give a hollar. We do not care what religion or not you are. We are brothers and sisters in uniform and if you need help or anything you can count on me.

  3. Rob Digges

    As an active duty enlisted person in the USAF from 1999 – 2005, I am ashamed of the person who wrote you that letter, sir. It has always been my understanding that the United States Military serves to protect the freedoms guaranteed to us by the Constitution, among them the freedom of religion. How dare that ignorant fool urinate all over everything we stand for and served for simply to further his own single-minded agenda! I stand with you, brother. Oh, and tell that fuckstick not to speak for anyone else in my Air Force, please.

  4. tom rogers

    I am heartened to see so many stand up for you, and for true freedom.

    Give’em hell, Mikey.

  5. What I like about Mr. Weinstein, is that he fights for both religious and non-religious people. He does what is right, when others try to do wrong. He is exactly what the USAFA, the Air Force, and the DoD need right now. Thank you for your service to our country. Then and Now!

  6. Dr. Mike D

    Mr. Weinstein,

    You have taken a lot of BS for all of us. You have endured a lot of nasty and hateful diatribes from so called christians. I think you have done an amazing job, and my wife and I totally support your efforts and those of everyone associated with MRFF. Keep up the great work!

  7. Mike Challman, USAFA 85

    Dear anonymous writer,

    You are officially a douchebag.

    With incredulity and much shaking of my head,
    Mike Challman, USAFA ’85

  8. Howard G. Singer

    “With disrespect and Dishonor Intended,
    The Majority of Your Former Classmates; USAFA Class of 1977”

    In the comments section, great thanks to Brent Thompson, Lynda Bloomberg, Tom Rogers, Stephen Holdenried and Mike Challman, with the exception of “Dr. Mike D,” who made a weak attempt to sign his name. All of you in the Comments section had the courtesy to sign your names. We admire people s as yourselves, who are able to write kudos to Mikey and also sign their names.

    Above the comments section, six individuals wrote complimentary and supportive letters to Mikey. It was an embarrassment to read your compliments without signing your names!

    All of you are accusing these boors and cowards of hiding behind the bushes by refusing to sign their names. In addition, they are sending these vitriolic emails without a legitimate email address. And you are absolutely correct for doing so.

    But at the same time, YOU are also REFUSING to stand up and SIGN YOUR NAMES to your complimentary emails to Mikey Weinstein Are you AFRAID of what, “The Majority of Your Former Classmates; USAFA Class of 1977” may think of you if you were seen supporting Mikey Weinstein.

    I wrote a letter (email) of support to Mikey Weinstein which is reflected above the Comments section. Naturally, I signed my name and added my geographical location, AKA town and state:
    Howard G. Singer
    La Jolla, California

    If you’re going to support Mikey and his ethics and morals, be ladies and gentlemen and sign your names.

  9. MIkey,

    This is so bad it is hard to believe it could be genuine. I doubt this anonymous coward actually speaks for the majority of your class, but if he does, that is a frightening prospect and you have much more work to do to ensure this doesn’t happen with the younger generations.

    Rich Wood, Class of ’91.

  10. Good day! This post could not be written any better!
    Reading this post reminds me of my previous room mate!

    He always kept chatting about this. I will forward this post to him.
    Fairly certain he will have a good read. Thanks
    for sharing!

  11. Tom

    I became a born again believer before I left the Class of 1977 via the Navigators ministry, my wing commander’s room mate jumped out of a window and hit the Terrazo forty feet below and was then a vegetable in 1973 because he could not face the stigma of facing his big brass father for resigning. I was like many of our classmates not prepared and threw in the towel, even after making it to training tables.

    Mike Wienstien best chance to see the Kingdom, I don’t see the lover of Jesus in this intial post, I see hatred. I hope that Mike sees the love of God before he faces eternity and embraces the salvation that kept me from jumping from a window to the Terrazo thirty feet below when my brother, the wing commander, let me to the Light.

  12. Tom

    Correction, it was my Flight Commander, a Cadet Captain, that led me my christian faith.

    Congrats to all of you that stuck it out to graduation, what an honor.

  13. Stephen T Holdenried Sr.

    I just came across this site and my name is Stephen Holdenried Sr. Yes I was in the Air Force and I got out in 1969 and I have no idea what is the hell this is all about. I have a son and he was just 4 years old in 1977. What in the hell are you guys nuts

  14. Concerned Veteran

    While I am not AF I find it heartbreaking to see so many military dumbed down to the real endstate of communism. The initial phase being a covert vanguard Trojan horse just like Ancient Amorites in Ancient Babylon. I too stand with the “Establishment Clause” in the first amendment but it seems even officers are clueless to what an established religion is. There is no way Halacha, Sharia or Cannon law can be favored and erected as we see today with Public Law 102-14 and expect the same “divine providence” from The Supreme Judge of the World. It might behoove those who praise Weinstein to study history of Halacha Religious courts viewed no different than religious texts in Talmud like Quran. Obviously few military today understand George Washington’s first general order banning cursing and profanity and why? Hard for me to comprehend the lack of knowledge among our military and veterans on the true Kabbalah Sun Tzu Holy War being waged to levels prior wars on our soil.

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