Comment on your letter to the Military acadamy about the student writing a passage from his bible.

Good Morning,
Maybe the religious people should get together and sue you for hatemongering and intolerance. Am I a Christian? No… Actually I am a Buddhist. I do find it rather amusing that you preach tolerance and inclusiveness while demanding the exclusion of those you do not agree with.

I do find it offensive that you preach peace and coexistence which are tenants of my philosophical beliefs and views. But let’s be honest about it. Tolerance in your definition of the word is only when it aligns with your world view and personal doctrine. If it does not, it cannot be allowed to be seen, heard or read.

You can call this hate speech, as I am sure you will. (My opinion and beliefs do not fit your world view) but at least be honest with yourself, your readers already know it. The segregation being conducted is by you and organizations like you. You do not want to see views other than your own posted anywhere.

I hope you have a great day

(name withheld)

Hi (name withheld),

No one at the MRFF is opposed to anyone having the right to his or her religious belief or non-belief. What we oppose is the proselytizing that is currently going on in the U.S. military, and in particular at the U.S. Air Force Academy, on behalf of a certain Christian sect. In the military, a governmental institution that is a decidedly hierarchical structure, it is imperative that the separation of church and state be honored and scrupulously maintained.

Unfortunately, that has not been the case historically, a fact that explains the reason for the existence of the MRFF and the need for it.

I’m sorry you see our insistence that religious views have no place in relations between responsible officers or those in positions of power and those subject to them as “hatemongering or intolerance,” it is neither. It is, rather, an attempt to stand up for the thousands of members of the U.S. military (including academy students) who have come to us for aid after being subjected to intense pressure to accept a particular religious view or suffer serious consequences.

We are very much in support of people having the right to free thought and free choice of religion or no religion, but believe forced proselytizing under color of authority has no place in the U.S. military. Perhaps if you’d take the time to visit our website and read our mission statement you’d have a slightly different view than expressed here.

Contrary to your charge, we do not demand obedience to our world view, we demand and expect obedience to the law of the land on the part of those in positions of authority in the military.

Your is hardly hate speech. It is an indictment based on a misunderstanding of our efforts and the reasons for them.

i wish you well.

Mike Farrell
(MRFF Board of Advisors)

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