CONGRESSMAN DOUG LAMBORN (R-CO 5th) – Open Letter to Lt. Gen. Johnson re: USAFA Constitutional Controversy

Congressman Lamborn writes Lt. General Johnson regarding the latest controversy at the Air Force Academy


Following news reports of the Air Force Academy removing a Bible verse from a whiteboard placed on the door of a Cadet, Congressman Doug Lamborn sent the following letter to Air Force Academy Superintendent Lieutenant General Michelle Johnson.

Dear Lieutenant General Johnson,

I am deeply concerned and outraged by recent news reports indicating that an Air Force Cadet was forced to remove a Bible verse from the whiteboard posted outside his room.  I was further troubled to learn that the apparent reason the Cadet in question had to remove this verse was due to the fact that he is in a position of  leadership. This suggests that a Cadet in a leadership role may have less religious freedom than Cadets in the rank and file.  
Religious liberty is a foundational component of America’s greatness, and was rightfully promised by the Constitution to all our nation’s citizens, including those who dedicate their lives to our nation’s defense.  This truth should apply throughout all ranks, and those who pursue leadership positions should not be forced to sacrifice their religious freedom in order to lead.
Religious freedom and religious tolerance go hand in hand.  Censoring Bible verses or any religious text for that matter, from personal or even common areas at the Air Force Academy suggests an apparent anti-religion bias rather than a rational approach that supports tolerance of all faiths.  We are asking future officers to perhaps give even their very lives to protect and defend the Constitution and yet denying them rights from that same Constitution.
While initial reporting has indicated that the Cadet in question is facing no punishment, aside from being forced to remove the Bible verse, I would appreciate a full accounting of this incident. It may be that the officer who censored the Cadet should be the one who should be punished. I would also like an explanation of the apparent distinction drawn between those in leadership and other Cadet’s regarding religious freedom.  I would also appreciate an explanation of the apparent influence the Military Religious Freedom Foundation has at the Air Force Academy in legal and media issues relating to decisions on Cadets’ religious practices over the past 5 years. The MRFF is an organization that seems to detest religious expression of any faith, and has become so outlandish in its claims that it should simply be ignored.
The brave men and women serving to protect the Constitutional rights of all Americans should not have their own Constitutional rights stifled as they carry out that task.  I urge you to reconsider your decision to censor this Cadet’s religious beliefs, and to set the record straight on where the Air Force stands with regard to the religious liberty of all Cadets. 


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1 Comment

  1. Martin Sandberg

    A hearty Thanx! to Congressman Lamborn! It is time and past time for anti-religious zealots to be shown the door – firmly. When the founders wrote the 1st amendment, the language there was chosen as carefully as it was in the rest of the document. They put the phrase the free exercise thereof in, not freedom of worship .

    Freedom of worship stops at the door of the church. The founders intended the church to have full freedom. In particular, they intended for it to influence the government:

    Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other. ( John Adams, 1798 )

    Even as an atheist, I find these endless attacks on the church to be very disturbing. They are one reason for my sig:

    Atlas Shrugged was supposed to be a warning, Not A Newspaper!

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