Dear Mikey,

Your web site is disgraceful to the United States of America and Jesus Christ – who by the way is the only way to get to heaven. (Just so you know “Mikey”)

This is the end times and lines are beginning to be drawn. Woe to you who stands in the way of salvation.

If you read American history, you would know that this country is based on Judeo-Christianity. Nothing else. We don’t need Muslims fighting in our military – do you remember Fort Hood?

Get it together, Mikey. I hope you have a revelation to see what you’re doing is wrong the next time you want to wipe away Truth from a whiteboard.

(name withheld)

Hi (name withheld),

How is the website “disgraceful to the United States and Jesus Christ”? I must have missed that when I joined the MRFF’s Advisory Board. If you can clarify that for me I’d appreciate it.

I understand that you believe you have hooked into “the only way to get to heaven,” and that’s fine. You’re welcome to your belief, which, by the way, is what I admire about the MRFF. Mr. Weinstein and those associated with the organization support the freedom of belief for everyone.

Unlike you, apparently, we at the MRFF think it’s fine to believe whatever one chooses: if one is a Christian (most of those associated with the organization are in fact Christians), a Jew, a Muslim, a Buddhist, a free-thinker, a non-believer or anything else, it’s fine with us. Our only point of departure with anyone begins when she or he believes, as seems to be the case with you, that her or his belief system is the ONLY correct one and that anyone who doesn’t share it is wrong, is damned and is condemned to Hell or the Outer Darkness or whatever lonely, ugly place to which the damned are consigned in their particular system.

But note that I said our point of departure BEGINS there. Actually, we don’t even have a problem with people who have that rigid a belief system. Our disagreement comes when that rigid system is felt to be so important that it is forced on those of other belief systems. So of course, because we honor everyone’s choice of belief, we appreciate our government’s decision to refuse to promote one religion, one belief system, over another. It’s referred to in our country’s tradition and laws as the ‘separation of church and state.’ You may have heard of it. We strongly support the separation of church and state and honor the freedom of choice and religious belief it protects.

Given the ‘M’ in our title, you may understand that our particular concern is the U.S. military, which is part of the government. It is also a hierarchical structure in which the views of superiors can have a very profound impact on those in inferior positions. For that reason, we believe it to be urgently important that those in any position in the military which grants him or her power over subordinates must bend over backwards to avoid imposing his or her religious view, no matter how strongly felt, on those under his/her sway.

It’s a tough job to command troops, to be responsible for the lives of those beneath one in rank or station, and we hold those in command positions in high regard. We also, of course, hold them responsible for the proper discharge of their duties and expect them to be men and women of honor and integrity in every aspect of their relationship with those under their command.

I hope this helps you better understand why it confuses me to see your message. The notion that our mission in any way disgraces the U.S. or your savior is simply mistaken.

I do see that your belief is quite fervent and that’s fine, if it works for you, but the zeal with which you have lashed out is curious, at best, since no one here means you or your co-religionists any harm.

But since you’ve chosen to share your views in this rather public way I’m made rather curious. You say “this is the end times.” How long, in your estimation, are these “end times” likely to last? When you say “the lines are beginning to be drawn,” what exactly does that entail? And what constitutes “stand(ing) in the way of salvation”?

When you state your belief that “this country is based on Judeo-Christianity,” may I assume you understand what the “Judeo” part makes reference to?

Do you seriously believe Muslim Americans should not serve in the military? What about Jews? Atheists? People of any other faith than your own?

I hope this explanation helps to clear up some of your apparent confusion. And I do hope you can help me better understand your perspective.


Mike Farrell

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