Dear Mikey,

You are nothing but a hate group. Why don’t you try to help people especially at a time when Obama is cutting military benefits. Are you another form of the KBG like in the old soviet union?

(names withheld)

Dear (names withheld),

I am a Christian (Episcopalian in fact) who fully supports Mikey’s and MRFF’s attempt to protect members of the U.S. Military from unconstitutional religious influence in relation to their training, assignment, advancement, retention and benefits. 96% of MRFF’s clients are also Christians who, like me, have chosen to fight back against (rather than passively accept) the Dominionist tendencies of those Christians who proselytize or attempt to impose their version of the Christian faith via government sanction.

Before throwing accusations of similarities between organizations around, reasonably intelligent individuals are be expected to know a little about the organizations they are comparing; like their official acronym. Giving you the benefit of a doubt that KBG was a typo for KGB, you should be aware that the Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti (Committee for State Security [English translation]) was a taxpayer funded security apparatus for the Soviet Union. MRFF on the other hand receives absolutely no taxpayer funding unlike the incredible sums of taxpayer funds spent on Christian proselytizing within the U.S. Military. Here’s a small sample of taxpayer contributions expended on Christian proselytizing:
How Much Money Could the Department of Defense Save if it Stopped Trying to Save Souls? http://huff.to/Px30mN
Just How Christian Is Fort Hood? http://huff.to/1oPXA0u
An $88,000 Piano for an Army Chapel? What Military Cutbacks? http://huff.to/1nTre6l

One additional thought regarding your failed attempt at a KGB comparison. Two U.S. Air Force Academy cadets, who are being trained and educated at taxpayer expense, thought it was appropriate for them to attack another cadet in response to the following statement appearing on the white board outside the cadet’s room:
“There is no evidence that any God has ever existed”.

In the climate that has been allowed to exist at USAFA, here’s what happened to the cadet (a Christian by the way…but not the right kind apparently) for expressing the cadet’s 1stamendment right and who felt that they had every right to do so if all of the other Christian messages were allowed:
-Cadet was shouted down by 2 larger cadets (presumably the ‘Right-kind of Christians’) who out ranked cadet in seniority.
-They yelled and shouted that the message was “anti-faith” and that it was “an insult to all people of faith” and that it was targeting only “Christians”.
-They yelled that merely putting a biblical verse on a white board “did not insult anyone else”.
-They said that it did “not insult atheists and that it “only proclaimed the Christian faith” and that it “did not tear down those nonbelievers”.
-The cadet tried to stop them from wiping the message from the white board but these fine ‘Right-kind of Christian’ cadets overpowered and forcibly held the cadet.

During the Cold War, the taxpayer funded KGB actively sought to combat “ideological subversion”—anti-communist political ideas and the dissidents who promoted them, which was generally dealt with as a matter of national security. Now, since you’re obviously fond of making comparisons, and assuming the two of you can tell the difference between a mop and a jet airplane, I’ll afford you some consideration for rationality giving way overzealousness. Furthermore, if you are capable of handling rational differentiation, you’ll reconsider your ridiculous analogy.

My belief in Christ and his teachings (i.e. faith) is not so feeble as to make me feel the need to prop up my Christian faith and heritage with government approved crutches. To do so as a patriotic American would be weak willed and would come at the expense of my duty to protect and defend my Constitution and the secular democratic republic it established.
I defend both my Christian faith and my Constitution proudly and equally. Unlike Theocrats and Taliban wanna-bes; I don’t feel the need to defend one at the expense of the other.

Peace be with you,
Andy Kasehagen

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