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I appreciate your efforts, but politely disagree with your most recent attack on the Academy. You are a lawyer and during my 3 command tours one thing resonates…lawyers advise and commanders command. You had a bad experience at the academy and for that I am sorry, but please stop. Our country gets weaker everyday because people like you believe that values are not important. Take the time to understand our founders and what they meant. John Stone….my great, great, great grandfather was a founder and you sir are wrong.

Please feel free to contact me and discuss…God Bless America

Warm Regards
(name withheld)

Dear (name withheld),

Your ‘polite disagreement’ begins with a misunderstanding and follows with a misjudgment.

Mr. Weinstein’s action with regard to the unfortunate incident you mischaracterize was not an “attack on the Academy,” but rather a communication with its leadership about an incident that he was asked to help with by cadets and staff who found the action of a cadet leader inappropriate.

Next you wrongly judge Mr. Weinstein’s time at the Academy as being, or being marred by, “a bad experience,” and imply it has something to do with his ongoing efforts to protect the freedom of thought, choice and religion of its cadets and others in the military.

You are wrong on both counts and your self-described attempt at being polite fails. Further, you fail to comprehend that the work of the MRFF is intended to honor the laws of our land and the traditions of the military while protecting the reputation of the Academy Mr. Weinstein not only attended proudly but to which he entrusted his children. Your silly assertion that the work of the MRFF weakens our country by promoting and protecting the very values and traditions that give it the strength to deal with a troubled world gives evidence of a sadly myopic view.

As you may have failed to notice, the Academy leadership decided that the complainants were correct and acted accordingly.

Mike Farrell
(MRFF Board of Advisors)

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