I am writing you to express my utter outrage at your organization’s mission to completely erase all traces of Christianity from America’s military. For over two centuries, the Bible and Christianity has been an important component of all branches of the military. While other faiths – and yes, even atheists – have been a part of that military, those of the Christian faith have been by far the major contributors to america’s military prowess. Where do you folks get off telling people in the military to keep their faith “in the closet?” Further, why is it only Christians being harassed, and not Muslims or Jews? You may mot like or agree with another’s faith, but you have no right to stifle their free expression of that faith. Hiding behind your distorted view of the constitution – which tens of thousands of the Christians you despise have died to defend – is nothing short of cowardice. Your claims of extreme fundamentalist Christians in every corner trying to force their faith on others is akin to Chicken Little drying “The sky is falling!” I close with two questions: What are you afraid of, and Why do you fear the Christian message so much?

Sincerely and in anger,
(name withheld)

Oh, (name withheld)… Cool your jets, a bit.

It is the military itself that tells its people, particularly those in leadership positions, that their religious beliefs must be kept not “in the closet,” as you put it, but to themselves. Officers and those in a position of leadership in the military must honor and respect the separation of church and state as well as their own code of conduct. That’s the law.

Your reference to “- and yes, even atheists -” above is instructive. Is it your view that “even atheists” and those of other faiths somehow serve less than honorably? No one disputes that “those of the Christian faith” have made a major contribution to our military, but medals are not dealt out on the basis of one’s faith, nor is honor bestowed on those who perform their duties on such grounds.

Whether you like it or not, military officers are duty-bound to not impose their faith on their subordinates because this is a free country and that means people are free to believe or disbelieve as they choose. No member of the service should be put in a position of inferiority or penalized because one’s freedom of thought and freedom of choice have brought that person to a position different from that of either a superior or the vast majority of those with whom she or he serves.

If it appears to you that “only Christians are being harassed,” that may be because a fundamentalist, ‘dominionist’ Christian sect is currently trying zealously to insist itself into the military leadership. But fear not, the MRFF is busily protecting the rights of Christians; though it may surprise you, most of our supporters are themselves Christians who are deemed either ‘not Christian enough’ or ‘not the right kind of Christian’ by this very group.

No one here despises Christians and no one here fears it. We are only interested in protecting the rights that are fundamental to every American. You’re welcome to join us once you understand the threat posed to those rights by religious zealotry. Perhaps you can put your anger to work in a positive way by getting a better understanding of what we’re doing.


Mike Farrell
(MRFF Board of Advisors)

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