Religious Freedom

What your organization does to protect the Constitution is impressive.

But, as a retired Navy guy I’m perplexed. The Air Force Academy is supposed to be there to prepare Air Force war fighters to be able to face any enemy that they are called on to attack. Military personnel of the United States are often called upon to face death in the pursuit of their responsibilities as war fighters. They are required to be brave and to display courage in the most arduous conditions. It is expected that they be courageous in the face of danger.

Ok. Be that as it is, then I have a problem with these cadets. I do not understand why, and I may be very uninformed about the depth and breath of this religious based problem at the Academy, but for the life of me, why don’t these cadets have what it takes to protect themselves and their basic rights? Rights guaranteed by the Constitution. The Constitution that they are going to be asked to swear to defend. If they can’t even protect themselves, cadet by cadet, against superiors who violate the Constitution and the UCMJ, how are they going to cope with real tough situations?.

Dear MRFF,

I just don’t get it. Great that Mikey and all of the folks at your organization hold the hands of the cadets and protect them. What are these cadets going to do when they are actually in a situation where they are in great danger? Are they going to call Mikey and ask him to hold their hands and shield them from all dangers?

LIke I say there may be something below the radar that I am not seeing here, but, on the surface, I think that the cadets, all of them, who can’t stand up for themselves, should pursue a different line of work, perhaps flower tending in a nursery.

Then we should get another batch of cadets who CAN protect themselves and don’t need their hands held and don’t need the protection of Mikey and your organization to protect themselves. I just don’t get it.

Of course, by standing firm, and tough, and holding the feet of the violators of the Constitution and the UCMJ to the fire, the upper level management of the Academy can be drummed out of the military and the whole Academy can be cleansed of violators of basic rights, and then we can all go on happily ever after knowing that our Air Force is made of real courageous men and women.

I just don’t understand.

(name withheld)
USN Retired

Hi (name withheld),

The US Air Force Academy’s Cadet situation is not unique in the armed forces. Similar religious disturbance has been reported to us from Annapolis, US Military Academy at West Point, and various military training facilities, even combat zones. They have not been quite as numerous as the AFA which we attribute to the presence of several large and powerful Fundamentalist Christian organizations in the region which have inundated the Academy with operatives and and even managed to infiltrate the administration and faculty to a certain extent.

Our problem with the cadet who wrote Christian scripture on his white board was that it violated constitutional provision. Under law, government, including Public Education and the Armed Forces, may not promote, recommend or proselytize one religion over another or religion over non-religion. (Lemon Vs. Kurzman, 1971.) The Cadet Corps should have been alerted to this.

It itself, this was a relatively minor occurrence but taken as a whole with previous offenses was serious enough to take action.

MRFF is currently addressing over 36,000 client case complaints from armed forces members of all branches as to being submitted to command centered and coercive Christian based proselytizing with fully 96% of them coming from self identified Christians.

Our main goal is to protect the religious freedom of all armed forces members of all faiths. The Christian majority in America has made it tough on our young men and women in the military and some very powerful Christian organizations have sponsored truly devastating coercion.

The US Constitution is our guiding light. We operate under it’s guidelines and follow it and its collection of case law to the letter.

In this sense we are not holding the cadets hands but rather their futures.

We appreciate your concern and your input.

Thank you for your service to America.

Rick Baker
Capt. USAF (Ret)
MRFF Volunteer.

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