Your e-mail to Mr. Weinstein of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation

“Mikey “Whiney” Whinestein,

Your stupid ass was owned on the Matt Patrick Show.
You thought you could bully him and he gut punched you like the little punk ass LibTARD you are.

You are the true definition of The Pussifucation of America and part of the reason why this once great country is being played by Russia and Putin, while our POTUS stands around with his hands in his pockets.

You need to have your American citizenship and man card revoked.


Concerned American”

Dear Concerned Citizen,

Thank you for your note. Mr. Weinstein is busy just now dealing with threats to our service members’ constitutionally guaranteed rights, in particular, officers and NCOs using their positions of power to force their religious beliefs on their subordinates, so he asked me to take a few minutes and respond to some of the more inane e-mails we received today, yours included.

It goes without saying that the ignorant and paranoid among us are routinely concerned when they believe their warped world view isn’t shared by everyone else. Further, the cult of Fundamentalist/Dominionist Christianity that is so fond of screaming into the ether that Christianity is under attack do so only as a cover for their own crusade to inflict and impose their cult of bigotry and hatred on everyone else. Of course they maintain their stranglehold on the masses of their followers just like the Church did in the middle ages – by keeping the masses ignorant – and no one champions ignorance and fear like the Fundamentalist/Dominionist Christian cult. So, it comes as no surprise to me or anyone else that you’re concerned; I would expect no different of an intellectually vacuous individual like you.

Finally, regarding your humorous emphasis on manliness: perhaps your have unwittingly exposed the reality that you have your own issues which you’ve kept closeted for too long, you manly man you.

Rest easy knowing your inane concerns have been heard.


Akiva Miller
Military Religious Freedom Foundation

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  1. DaveG

    Akiva FTW! I pitied that one, though.

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