NEWSHOUNDS – Megyn Kelly Joins In Mikey Weinstein Smear Fest

Selected Article Excerpt:

Fox News provides a warm and sympathetic pulpit for Christians who feel that their First Amendment rights are being violated. But those who push back against what they feel are violations of the First Amendment’s “establishment clause,” by overzealous Christians, are targets of Fox’s opprobrium. Mikey Weinstein, who is head of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, seems to have replaced Cindy Sheehan as Fox’s number one persona non grata because of his advocacy for those, in the military, who feel that their religious freedom is being violated by those with religious agendas. Last year, Megyn Kelly, during a sneering interview with Weinstein, suggested that his group put Christian religious liberty “at risk.” Thursday night, she hosted Dr. and Mrs. Pat Dobson for a sweet, Christian attack on Weinstein who wasn’t there to defend himself. So much for Kelly’s claim to be “fair & balanced.”

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  1. Bernard Valentin

    Mikey, You are just plain stupid if you think that one person expressing their faith somehow violates another person’s faith.

    Grow up Mikey, You are nothing more than a public masturbator.
    Happy May Day you closet communist.

  2. Bernard Valentin

    In case you have never read it, here is the first amendment. You are obviously too cowardly to post it because it will expose your empty argument to the fools that parrot your hate of Christianity. Your argument is under the guise of protecting the poor soldiers that feel bad because someone near them was praying. FYI, these are soldiers who are trained defend our nation, and if need, to kill their oppressors. If they are so offended at the sight of a prayer or a bible verse on a door should they be entrusted with such an honorable task of defending the defenseless? NO!

    The First Amendment (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances.

    Shame on you Mikey, Shame-on-you. Your parents must have been proud.

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