USA TODAY – Army stands behind decision to join in Prayer Day

Selected Article Excerpt:

WASHINGTON — Army officials say they will not back away from participating in a Capitol Hill prayerevent next month despite complaints that the event amounts to an endorsement of evangelical Christians.

Last week, officials from the Military Religious Freedom Foundation demanded the Pentagon withdraw all support from a May 1 National Day of Prayer celebration at the Cannon House Office Building here, calling it a “private fundamentalist Christian religious event.”

At issue is the group behind the three-hour event, which has close ties to evangelical Christian groups. Planners have said they are nondenominational and nonpartisan, but foundation leaders say support for the event amounts to favoritism for conservative Christians.

Army officials disagree. In a statement, service officials said they would continue to provide numerous personnel for the event, including a chaplain to offer a “prayer for the military,” an armed forces color guard, a brass quartet and a vocalist for the national anthem.

They also said they had no formal response to the foundation’s complaint.

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  1. Dr. R. Bradley

    In what way is your concern that the “event amounts to an endorsement of evangelical Christians” consistent with your own Mission Statement. Participation is not coerced, legislated, compelled or advanced by the United States Armed Forces. In fact consistent with the Mission, “It is the responsibility of the military hierarchy to ensure that the free exercise of religious freedoms of all enlisted personnel are respected and served.” Stop categorizing all religious activities negative hatred events and start applying your Mission Statement to your own activities.
    In Christ’s love

  2. bernard valentin

    Dr. Bradley,
    Mikey only wants to ban Christianity so his atheistic value can move forward.
    Mikey’s war on Christianity is being fought one “man” at a time, All facts are irrelevant in his quest for freedom he so carefully avoids.

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
    Edmund Burke

  3. Lathan Hudson

    If the U.S. “stands down” on the National Day of Prayer then when the ones who participated in the “stand down” stand before The CREATOR on Judgment day – HE will turn you away and say, “SORRY I NEVER KNEW YOU”

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