Supreme Court Kills mickeys MFRR

> Hey mickey mickey mickey. Did you like our new Supreme Court decision Mr.
> jewmouth wienstine? you and your fellow Christ haters can just shove that
> new ruling up your ugly hebe asses. Where the Son of God don’t shine.
> The Supremes have liberated the military from the devilhold of the MFRR.
> Jesus shall rule again in the Army and Navy and
> Marines and Air forces. You tried to crucify Jesus yet again but you’ve been
> stopped. Dead in tracks. You are less than nothing little jew.
> Filthy liberel kikes! Your abortion on demand queer rights and camel jockey
> agenda is now destroyed. The only Savior for the world has triumphed. Jesus
> is the commander of the U.S. troops again! Burn in hell you Judases!

(name withheld)

Dear, dear person who cannot spell,

One is left, after reading this illiterate obscenity, in despair. One’s despair, of course, is for the poverty of spirit and paucity of mind betrayed by it, not by the ignorantly gloating quality of the quite incorrect thesis.

One wonders at the pride the justices of the Supreme Court must feel at having their decision embraced, even if misunderstood, by one whose IQ would set a new record at the Masters Golf Tournament.

Mike Farrell
(MRFF Board of Advisors)

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1 Comment

  1. Pr Chris Miller

    hey, angry supreme court ruling guy….

    I have a question for you: How can you say such stuff about the Jewish people? Do you not know that the Son of God, Jesus, was a Jew his whole life? He kept the law and the commandments, he went to temple, and prayed along with all other Jews. He was, in fact, condemned BECAUSE he was a Jew.

    If you follow Jesus, how can you do anything but love the Jews? They didn’t kill Jesus. If you knew your Bible, you would know that it was the Romans who killed him. If you read Paul’s letter to the Romans, Chapters 9-11, you would know that Paul writes with great thanksgiving for the Jews, for they are (still) the chosen people. Those of us Gentiles who believe in Jesus do so because God with great grace has grafted us into the Jews–who were and are still the chosen people. Read chapter 11. If God didn’t keep his promises to his people–the Jews, promises he had given them over centuries…if God’s promises are not still in effect, how in the world can we who are by God’s grace, brought into his people–how can we trust that he will keep his promises to US?

    I get so tired of you so called “christians” who know nothing about who Jesus was, and go on with your diatribes against the Jews. Without them…you would never know about Jesus. Why don’t you read ALL your bible–both testaments. Not just Revelation, and all that end of the world stuff. Don’t worry about the end of the world. You have 24 hours/day to be a follower of Jesus. There are plenty of sick, hungry people who need our help. There are many kids who have no adult to look out for them and are getting lost before they even grow up. Why don’t you spend your day helping others? You’ll be much happier, and there’s plenty to do right now. Read the Bible and especially the gospels, and learn who Jesus was and what he taught. He would be weeping to think that people like you who have taken his name, damn it by your hatred and enmity. Jesus decried hatred. he taught us to love.

    Rev. Chris

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