Smelling You In Albequerque

We drove through you spic infested town of wet backs yesterday. Had the windows down. So we could smell the mixture of your kike stink and demon shame. on you and you’re she kike bitch cripple wife. You try to bring your father satan to destroy our soldiers jewboy? No way. The Word shall defeat you. And lay you in ruins for eternity.  But it is we who shall destroy you for the glory of Christ. You are death and will be destroyed by The Lamb. 1 Corinthians 15:26

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  1. ecs

    I am so sorry to see such ignorance prevailing. I suggest the writer of the email look up the spelling of Albuquerque. The disgusting language that follows should certainly turn off any human who professes Christian faith and love.

    A perfect example of why people are leaving the “fold” in droves. Such hatred is beyond the pale. So hurtful. So un-Christian.

  2. Cheryl Gehrke

    I agree with ecs. I was checking out this site as I thought it may have been an atheist site, but instead I find a “So called Christian” acting like Hitler himself. Who ever told the creator of this article to spell Albuquerque. I was born in New Mexico and have lived there most of my young life. There are hundreds of thousands of good Christian people in Albuquerque. Besides that Jesus told us to love everyone, the Jews included. Jesus was a Jew. What a judgmental jerk you are to use that disgusting word to describe Jews. you are a perfect example of how not to be a Christian. I don’t know who you are, but if Jesus was here, He would rake you over the coals for being such a judgmental, mean spirited jerk.

  3. Cheryl Gehrke

    I have a better comment for you. Judge not that ye may not be judged. Vengeance in mine saith the Lord. you need to go back and read the New Testament about how Jesus loved all the people, and leave the judging to God.

  4. Jim

    Wow! The mind that wrote that and claims to love Jesus is so deeply confused it must surely result from a mental illness. Though I loath him, so do I pity him. Equally, I fear for those who encounter this illness as it surely seems to be as deadly and contagious as Ebola. Sadly, it only kills the soul.

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