RENEW AMERICA – Bryan Fischer Outrageously Ties Mikey Weinstein to Serial Rape, Drug Usage, and Academic Dishonesty

Selected Article Excerpts:

  • The Air Force Academy was once the friendliest of all the military academies toward Christianity. With the approval of team captains, legendary coach Fisher DeBerry once hung a banner in the football team’s locker room which had the motto of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes emblazoned on it. It included, in part, the following: “I am a Christian first and last…I am a member of Team Jesus Christ.”
    Players remember warmly the tradition of putting their arms around each other and reciting the Lord’s Prayer in unison before taking the field.
  • It wasn’t long before atheist Mikey Weinstein filed a virulently anti-Christian lawsuit against DeBerry and the school, despite the fact that no evidence was produced that DeBerry ever discriminated against anyone based on his religious beliefs or made any effort to impose his religious beliefs on anyone.
    No matter. It wasn’t long before the anti-Christ crusade of Weinstein and a run of subpar seasons led to DeBerry being run out of the academy in early 2007. When DeBerry left, he took his faith with him and the spirit of Christianity left the football team and the locker room along with him.
  • The Academy is awash in scandal, centered around football players who are credibly accused of rape, drug use and cheating. DeBerry is forced out in 2007, and scandal rears its ugly head just three years later. Coincidence? I think not.
  • Bottom line: there is a solution to the Air Force Academy’s problems. Remove the cause – Mikey Weinstein and his atheistic trouble-making – and find another coach like Fisher DeBerry and turn him loose to bring the spirit of Christ back to the Academy.
    I can flat out guarantee you that rapes will diminish, drug use will diminish, and cheating on tests will diminish. And the Academy will regain some of its lost luster. Your move, Air Force.

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  1. Yovonne Autrey

    Wow. I would say unbelievable, but such things are sadly to be expected from the Talibangelical Extremists in the fringe of Right-Wing Christianity. I’ll give this disgusting excuse for a human being Bryan Fischer one thing: he inspired me to donate money to MRFF in his name!

    Thank you for all you do to help defend our military service members, retirees, families and veterans from Bryan Fischer’s ilk. It is greatly appreciated!

  2. Issy

    Wish I had enough money to fund your organization! Thank you for calling out the over-the-edge fundamentalism that is so rampant in today’s military. Thanks to Jeff Sharlet who wrote “The Family” and “C Street” for explaining what these treasonists are attempting with the military and all walks of life in America. I have been spreading the word about the good works you are doing everywhere I go.

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