Safest Restaurant (Warning: Islamophobia)


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  1. Emma

    There’s a Little Pigs in Asheville, NC. The background could be an AVL street. Is it there? Lots of truly low-life residents in that city–and the person who put this up is one. But lots of nice people, too. Sad.


    Who else isn’t welcome here?? The Irish, the Jews, the Catholics, the Blacks, the Latinos, etc?? One could go on & on, naming a lot more groups who have been hounded in the USA!!
    Surely not a house of hospitality, is it??

  3. John H

    “No Muslims Inside”

    I suspect they would not want this Unitarian Universalist Vietnam vet either. They certainly will never see me in their “Safe Restaurant.”

  4. James Patton

    Dumb is as dumb does, Forrest Gump would probably reply. I’ve scraped better things off the bottom of my shoe than the white trash author of that restaurant sign. Nothing but disgusting white trash. It is so sad that such “people” exist. Such “people” do not represent the ‘south’ I was born and raised in. And the virtues of that south should not be obscured because of such disgusting displays of ignorance.

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