VIDEO – Military Religious Freedom Foundation – Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)

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1 Comment

  1. James Scott

    Thank you Mikey for you efforts and successes. After becoming a donor and member about a year ago I have been following your successes through MRFF’s email updates. Frankly it looks like to me your approach is missing something. You have had numerous successes on individual flagrant violation of the Constitution and have achieved isolated victories but the military individuals and other civilian employees responsible are not held criminally responsible under UCMJ or civilian courts as they should be for their continued repeated violations. It appears to me that your victories have little to no effect on getting those responsible held accountable. I only see you correcting the violation leaving those in charge who either directly encourage and/or overlook constitution violations left to continue unabated left to carry on no violations being forth coming. When fighting a forest fire, putting out one tree at a time does nothing to get ahead or eliminate the root cause of problem but what do I know from where I set? Thank you again for your efforts and dedication all the same, from this MRFF supporter.

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