VIDEO – Mikey Before Congress – Religious Accommodations in the Armed Services

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  1. chuck wilson

    Well, what can you expect from members of congress who can’t even get your name right? Either they are stupid, or it’s on purpose, and it’s also transparent. . keep up the fight Mikey, you are appreciated.

  2. Chris P

    Doug Lamborn still doesn’t get it.

  3. Brandon

    I’ve had a lot of experience with religious folks in the military, and I can tell you that this clearly shows just how out of touch Congress is with reality and how the military does and/or should function. They clearly have no idea the difference between civilian and military ways of life, and the things that can or cannot be done in one vs. the other. Our elected leaders are a disgrace to the U.S. Constitution.

    I applaud Mikey Weinstein for his work (help me out with situations at the Air Force Academy a few years ago as well). Not only is it unfortunate that our Congress doesn’t get it, but it’s also clear that they like like the idea of censorship, which is exactly what they did to Mikey in this hearing. They realized that the other members on the panel were saying what they wanted to hear, therefore limiting Mikey’s comments to as little as possible.

    I’m glad we have this on record now, but boy was that a long and shameful hour and seventeen minutes to watch.

  4. JP

    Wow. They sure worked hard to sensor views they disagree with at this hearing on First Amendment rights. No doubt the irony is totally lost on them as well.

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