Well Done Mikey and the MRFF (from a retired flag officer in D.C.)

To: Mr. Weinstein and the Military Religious Freedom Foundation,

As Mr. Weinstein knows, I’m a senior, retired flag officer (Admiral or General) living currently in the Wash. D.C. area. I, and others similarly situated in former rank and position like me here in D.C., are ardent MRFF supporters and help the MRFF in the ways and means we can. Having had the chance now to watch the live internet broadcast of, and discuss, Wednesday’s Congressional hearing with a few of my former senior military colleagues (incidently all of us, but one, are Christians ourselves by the way), I wanted to briefly summarize our thoughts:

(1) The entire hearing was a disgrace to the Constitution which I defended and all others in the military still defend. No surprise.

(2) The Congressional Mbrs. tried their best to not allow the MRFF message to get out. Cowards. Again, no surprise.

(3) They failed to accomplish #2 above as both Mr. Weinstein’s opening statement and MRFF’s extensive submitted testimony were right on target and are now both part of the official Cong. Record forever.

(4) Mr. Weinstein’s verbal confrontations with Cong. Jones of N. Carolina and Cong. Forbes of Va. more than carried the day for those who knew what was going on between those Cong. Members and their puppets on the panel.

(5) Bravo Zulu/Oorah to Mikey and the MRFF for heading bravely into this House Armed Services Comm. farce/ambush and exposing for all of educated mind to see the true religious fanaticism of my own Chrisitan faith which plagues DoD here and abroad every day.

(name withheld)

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  1. Sallie Planty

    I’ve just donated $20 to your cause. Not much, I admit, but as much as I could.

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