VIDEO – MRFF 2014 Year End Appeal

Click above to view 1 minute, 3 second video

Make your fully tax-deductible donation before the December 31st, 2014 tax deadline

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1 Comment

  1. Edwin S. Hiley

    Mikey, I’ve purchased and read three books from MRFF, the latest being Bonnie’s shocking compilation of hateful, vicious vile, the likes of which shock the soul even more realizing they are from the self-procliamed ‘real Christians’ within our military forces. Contrastingly, the Catholics have a new Pope that is an inspiration all by closely following Jesus’ teachings, a counterforce to the rabidly (ir)religious forces you are so admirably addressing. He’s shaking up the political, social, economic, and environmental status quo, as you are doing in the US military.

    I read all of your emails and share some. It is obvious that you are a threat to the Dominionist Fundamentalist Christians (Deluded False ‘Christians’) that are so psychopathically deranged in their beliefs. It frightens me to think that such ilk are in the responsible positions of training and leading our young soldiers, etc., in the defense of our country. It’s truly frightening and shocking and sad to realize that such ignorance with such disregard for the Constitution and numerous military regulations is in such powerful leadership positions. Certainly, judging from the spelling, syntax, and grammatical errors in most of the hateful, vile and threat filled emails you receive, their intellectual level is generally low. The American Taliban? I think the case can be made based on the intolerance, hate, and religious fervor they display.

    So, since you’ve been called Satan Advocate, Satan’s Spawn, among many other vile references, I’ll make a year-end donation to your continued success. That way I can say, “The Devil made me do it.”

    Wishing you and yours and the rest of the MRFF staff continued safety in your fight.

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