Eat Shit and –

Don’t die. Just keep eating shit Michael Loser Weinstein. Fun to watch you eat shit. For all time. Since you and your little family of mfrr shit eaters are nothing but shit anyway. Your only hope is to surrender to Jesus Christ. Your a stiff necked jew so you will not (Exodus 32 and verse 9). Thus you have no hope. Keep your shitty self out of Christ’s military and Christ’s nation you dirty shit bag. Of course your a jew what else could you be. SHITTY jew.

Dear Stupid,

Have some trouble with potty training, did you? You excitement over excrement exhibits an existential angst from early existence.

Childhood issues tend to stunt mental and emotional development, as your message makes clear.

Surrendering to Jesus Christ, as you suggest here, obviously didn’t do much for your development. Maybe if you pray harder…?

We’re not much concerned with “Christ’s military” or “Christ’s nation,” thanks. We deal with the United States of America and its military.

But thanks for checking.

Mike Farrell

(MRFF Board of Advisors)

(name withheld),

What is “mfrr” and what does it stand for?  It bears no connection to Mr. Weinstein.

By the way, he’s busy, so I’m answering for him.  Really.  He’s protecting the religious rights of real Christians — and everyone else — in our military from the likes of bullies and abusers like you.

Do you not realize that Jesus was/is also a Jew?  What you say against Jews, you say against Jesus.


A real military veteran and a real American patriot

Looks like a clear case of coprophagic obsession — often a sign that the subject either is or wants to be one himself. But that’s only a layman’s opinion. You might ask one of the MRFF supporters who are professionals for an opinion.

In fact, you ought to ask a professional (or several) to  go through the entire corpus of hate mail and give us professional opinions on the more interesting ones, and then publish the analysis — it could be amusing, Interesting, and instructive to see what one can learn about the character of the writers from a professional analysis of this garbage.
F.J. Taylor

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  1. Pastor Chris

    Hey, “real American Patriot”. Do you not know that Jesus was born a Jew into a Jewish family, was circumcised on the 8th day, was presented in the Temple by his family, and lived his entire life as an observant Jew? Most Christian religious scholars (including me) believe that Jesus was a first century Jewish Rabbi. In Paul’s letter to the Romans, Chapters 9-11, Paul asserts that the promises made to the Jewish people…that they are the chosen people, are eternally valid, and that Christians are grafted into the Chosen people by the death of Jesus. WE are the outsiders who are grafted into the chosen people.

    How than, given that you claim to be a member of the Christian faith, can hate Jews so much? Without God’s chosen people, YOU would still be a pagan, with nothing to look forward but death at the end of your life. How in the world can you put down Jews? We owe them a great debt; for it is from the Jews that Christians believe the Messiah (Jesus) has some.

    It makes me sick whenever some self proclaimed “Christian” puts down Mikey for the reason that he is a Jew. Jews are not our enemies; they are our older brothers in faith. Quit with the hate…for one thing, it is against the Commandments, so by so hating, you are in need of confession.

    BTW: It is not “Christ’s army” it is America’s army, composed of men and women of all religions–and none!–who have accepted the nation’s call to defend America’s values. You need to read your American history, and learn your bible…and quit hating.

    Pr Chris

  2. Thomas Frazee

    Living in México for 35 years, I’ve learned to be a little grateful for bigotry, because it has prevented many assholes from coming here, too.

  3. TheTruth

    God and Jesus both eat shit.

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