The Hal Lindsey Report 2/20/2015 Comments

Note to Hal:

In 1954 Jim Crow prevailed, Topeka schools were legally segregated, Communist witch hunts and blacklisting were accepted as the proper order, women could legally be denied employment on the basis of gender, Jackie Robinson was still openly taunted, the KKK, in the name of religion, terrorized communities, the US was in a frenzy to test nuclear weapons above-ground (thereby bombing ourselves), the French were killing and dying at Dienbienphu in a US financed war, the US backed a military coup in Guatemala….
Eisenhower would likely be appalled by the religious extremists that now populate the ranks. And that religion is supplanting merit as a basis for promotion in far too may instances would cause Ike to question everything from mission readiness to command and control.
Hal, we’re not going back.

(name withheld)

Dear Mr. Lindsey;I just finished reading your self-pitying whine about how Christian domionists are (finally) losing control over the public space in America.   I can’t tell you how filled with pride I was over the consternation defenders of the Constitution’s 1st Amendment rights, like Mikey Weinstein & MRFF, are causing you and my pride in helping them.  Why, I’d tune into your show just to watch you weep crocodile tears and whip your devotes into religious fervor if I didn’t have to listen to the idiotic blather that is part & parcel of  your snake-oil come-on.  On a more serious note though, your domionist colors show clearly when your definition of ‘religious freedom’ means that Christian theology gets to dominate people in the military, regardless of their faith, or lack thereof, and that those who are unable to refuse – at risk of court martial – are compelled to give deference to a theology which they may not accept, but which may actually be heretical to their beliefs.  Naturally, you are so obsessed with your own exceptionalist worldview that their discomforts mean not a whit to you because as another Christian bully, retired Gen. Jerry Boykin (with whom you are, not doubt a kindred spirit) said:  “…I knew that my God was a real God and his was an idol.”  And you wonder why domionists ‘get no respect’?  Could be because they don’t give it.

(name withheld)

Please forward to Hal Lindsay.
I am a 20 yr combat Marine and a non Christian Sioux Indian. I flew 110 F 4 missions out of Chu Lai – Close Air Tree top level. Better do your home work before errantly attacking Weinstein. You sound like a typical Xtian bully – only God is your Jesus. Lot of us Vets have our own concepts just as valid as yours. You people Banned us from own religion which believes in a Great Mystery. We have just as much right to our own concept as anyone else. We also have the highest volunteer ratio into the military as any ethnic group. MR FF is simply attempting to protect us from you proselytizing assholes. Yeh. I be e n to Western Europe. They finally recognize you NuttS are a bunch of “Loonies” and dicking up our Congress
(name withheld)

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    My father actually served on a ship that took FDR to one of those wartime conferences. FDR, due to embarrassment about his disability, as well as heightened Secret Service protectiveness, let only his close retinue see him while he was aboard. The vast majority of the crew was closely restricted to duty stations, mess hall & bunks during these voyages, so there would be no accidental encounters!!
    KMC, Proud daughter of a USN veteran

  2. Yeshua Warrior

    Hal Lindsey is spot on with this article. What is so wrong about the chaplains article about WWII chaplains except for Mikey Weinstein loathes anything having to do with Christianity which probably stems from past unresolved issues when he was at the Air Force Academy and being picked on for being Jewish, which is wrong in the first place, and fellow Christian cadets wanting to evangelize him which is their first amendment right to do so. He probably felt bullied so now he has taken it upon himself to be a bully!

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