Hope you Choke to death on You Own Vomit

We learned all about you at bible study tonight on post satan Mickey. You are now revealed for all the world of loving Christians to see. Evil doer of jew blood ancestory. Educated by Uncle Sam and turns on the Christian hands who fed him. Eat vomit and choke till you croak on it. You anti Christ.

(name withheld)




Dear (name withheld),

Excuse me? You study the bible and claim to speak for “loving Christians” while uttering such unChristian, anti-semitic garbage? The ignorance you demonstrate speaks volumes
about your understanding of anything at all, let alone the teachings of Christ.

You embarrass yourself with your pretense and you sicken true Christians with your fakery.

Mike Farrell
(MRFF Board of Advisors)

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  1. watchtower

    At bible study you should be learning how to be a good christian. No true christian (as I understand what that really is) would EVER utter such useless drivel.

    You have revealed your true nature for all the world to see…NOT a good christian, person or bible study group!

  2. Jim

    Yikes! That was one heck of a Bible study. Are you sure you weren’t in a Mein Kampf readers’ circle by mistake?

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